'Estacada's city budget remains healthy,' says mayor Austin

Estacada Mayor Bob Austin addressed the council and public in his eighth State of the City report on Monday, Jan. 14 praising the City's accomplishments in 2007 and positively looking forward to 2008.

'This last year the City of Estacada has seen quite a lot of progressive activity, among which include close to 50 new housing starts, construction of Wade Creek Park's initial phases with new playground equipment, trails, landscaping and a covered gazebo, street improvements such as 4th Street straightening and repaving, completion of a Transportation System Master Plan, and City Council approval of an Urban Renewal District covering most all of the City's downtown commercial core,' Austin said.

He stated that, though much of the nation is in threat of a recession with rising fuel costs and sub-prime mortgage loans, the Northwest, the Portland area and Estacada are weathering the storm.

'Although the future is always challenging to predict, Estacada's city budget remains healthy and, I believe, its future bright,' Austin said.

Improvements to Highway 224 will be among other projects worked on in 2008, including the City's Comprehensive Plan and Urban Renewal Project.

'I see our two most fundamental and exciting challenges with beginning planning for Urban Renewal and updating the City's Comprehensive Plan,' Austin said. 'Both of these plans and the public input processes associated with them will provide for a strong commitment to the future of our community, for our current citizens and their children.

'For example, the Comprensive Plan will serve as a framework for where we desire more housing, commercial, industrial businesses with family-wage jobs locally, parks and future streets. It is really the future picture of what we would like to see in Estacada.

'The Urban Renewal plan in the commercial core of the City will concentrate on public infrastructure improvements such as streets, more parking and pedestrian friendly sidewalks and crossings that will serve present businesses' needs and ultimately attract new ones. I believe we need to preserve and build upon our commercial downtown core as one of Estacada's top priorities.'

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