We need to

finish the war

To the Editor:

I have read with interest over the past several weeks, letters from the protestors that spend their time in front of the City Hall trying to sell peace at any price. The cost has already been paid by blood, precious blood of sons and daughters serving for our country and the freedoms that all Americans enjoy.

The battle cry is Bush lied and people died, this war is for cheap oil, impeach Bush, support our troops, bring them home. We are being harassed by people not abiding our opinions and beliefs, our First Amendment rights are being violated by these people that don't like our views.

These people have the right to protest and spew their venom and the hate of our country. I for one am offended by their presence and use of the city property. I am not impressed by their dedication to stand out and yell at the public.

First, I don't for a minute believe that Bush lied. He may have repeated information that wasn't accurate. People are not infallible and make mistakes.

Second, if this is for cheap oil, then why are we paying $100 per barrel for crude and $3 per gallon at the pump?

As best as I understand the issues, we were attacked by a radical Islamic view of life-live by our religion or die, there is no room for Buddist, Christian, Catholic, Mormon, or any of the other religions. We will attack you whenever and wherever we can inflict death and fear.

I would ask the peace activists: how do you achieve PEACE with these people? Pulling out of Iraq? Afghanistan? Not taking the fight to them? Apologize for the way we have treated them? Forgive them for 9-11? Apologize for freeing the Iraqi people from a homicidal dictator who used weapons of mass destruction against Iran and his own subjects, killing thousands of non-combatants, and had invaded Kuwait, killing, pillaging, raping and setting fire to oil fields, causing the worst environmental damage the world has ever seen?

Stepping back in time to the '70s, there was a peace movement that impacted the U.S. to pull out of Vietnam and Cambodia and other Southeast Asia countries. Did the killing stop or slow down? Three million civilians died at the hands of those who were our enemies … we were out of the fight and still had the blood of those killed on our hands.

To pull out of the fight now without finishing the job will do the same thing in Iraq. The Islamic radicals will see this as a victory for them and a loss for us.

The only way to win this conflict is for the opposition to be inflicted with enough pain as to not want to continue and think twice before trying to attack us again. If thise means killing all jihadists, so be it.

Remember, if by chance the jihadists get access to a nuke, chemical or biological weapon, they have no reservations of using it.

I have my own reservations on the way that we are abiding by the Geneva Convention. We fight fair, by the rules of engagement, with each soldier being held accountable for each round fired, and being evaluated by the JAG if there are civilian casualties. If we are going to fight then we need to suspend the rules and get the job done. No Safe Zones on the Pakistani and Afghanistan border for the Taliban and other enemies of freedom.

If you are so set on stopping this war and conflict, I urge you to go to the Islamists and protest their continuing aggression. They started it, and it is up to us to finish it. I am not going to support your efforts. I do not accept your ideals or methods and I have the same First Amendment rights as you and if I choose to express them differently than you, too bad, and get over it.

Steven H. Hartwig

Tidewater, Ore.

A citizen

committee for Three Lynx

To the Editor:

Mr. Jay Alvarado, chairman of the Estacada School Board: As you know, I first asked questions about the old Three Lynx school up the Clackamas River, back in July of 2007. In addition, Tom State sent you a very probing letter on October 31, 2007. Neither query has received a satisfactorily reply.

At the last school board meeting I again addressed the issue, gave you a copy of Mr. State's letter, and said that Superintendent Fetz had, for the past six months, avoided any direct answers to the question, 'What is being planned for Three Lynx?' I stated that during the past six months Mr. Fetz had failed in his duty to come up with an answer, and now it was time for the School Board to act on the matter. I asked for a letter from you, as the Chairman, within ten days. If such a letter was not received I would form a citizens committee to reach a decision on the future of the Three Lynx building.

On Jan. 18, I received a memo from the Estacada School District signed by 'Howard' (Superintendent Fetz). Howard replied with a series of vague answers. Mr. Alvarado, I fully expected that if I received a letter signed by you, it would probably have been drafted by Howard Fetz. As Chairman of the Board, you have totally failed to react to a pressing problem. You leave me no choice but to proceed with plans for a citizens committee.

In the coming week I will form the Citizens Committee on the Future of Three Lynx. The committee will represent the following: a member of the School District Board; a representative of the U.S. Forest Service; a representative of Portland General Electric; a member of the Estacada Chamber of Commerce; a member of the Estacada Fire Department; and four citizens from the community.

Volunteers may contact me at 503-630-6128.

It is hoped that a final answer can be submitted to the Estacada School Board by the next board meeting on Feb. 13, 2008.

Mark E. Luedtke


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