As we read earlier this month, quite a number of momentous events happened in our community in 2007, so we thought we'd ask some of the area's leaders to find out what they thought was the biggest story of last year:

Lloyd Musser, Curator of the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum: 'The Marmot Dam removal; very historic … does not happen every year. A sign of the times.'

Bert Key, Commander of the Sandy VFW Post: 'I think it was (Doris) Anderson's miraculous two-week survival in the wilds of Baker County.'

Gary McQueen, Sandy Fire chief: 'The five-fatality crash on 26; closing of the Hi-School Pharmacy; opening of the museum; the start of construction for undergrounding of (utility) lines.'

Jim Wilhite, Sandy Actor's Theatre: 'There are two that resonated with me: Bruce Scarth's son (Brandon) and the devastation created by (driving under the influence). Also, the story of (Laurie Chilcote), the Sandy elderly gentleman that was savagely beaten on MAX.'

Susan Gates, Oregon Trail 52 Democrats: 'Measure 49, without a doubt. And I still remember the great piece (The Post) did on those huge billboards on Highway 26 - woke up a lot of folks.'

Don Mench, Mt. Hood Corridor CPO chairman: 'The biggest event was the Marmot Dam removal. This is a gift that will keep on giving, (and) stories will continue to spin out of this. … The Zigzag Ranger District has positive new leadership in Bill Westbrook, and we are looking forward to progressive approaches in district management.'

State Rep. Patti Smith: 'I would think the horrible head-on crash that took multiple lives on Highway 26 … it showed the need for increased safety and enforcement along this busy stretch of highway, and the incredible jobs our public safety responders do.'

Roz Rushing, Geren's Farm Supply: 'The Fly-in Cruise-in … how our community works together, the success of high school students in reaching their goal to help the Kiwanis and other community groups help our local citizens.'

Dennis Simons, Sandy Emergency Services chaplain: 'I think the involvement of Random Acts of Kindness in so many lives, and their continuing commitment to helping practically all those in need.'

John Bromley, Oregon Trail School Board chairman: 'My first choice is the public process of deciding on the need for a new high school, its design and the work of the Long Range Facilities Task Force to study the needs of other schools. I also think the project of moving wires underground is big news.'

D.J. Anderson, Sandy Kiwanis: '(When) the school board approved the Facilities Committee's recommendation to build a new high school in the Oregon Trail School District.'

What did you think the biggest story of 2007 was? Weigh in by commenting on this story below.

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