A world view of global warming

by: Courtesy of Gary Braasch ©, A polar bear on Cooper Island near Barrow, Alaska, heads toward the broken pack ice in August. Polar bears are ice
pack animals — hunting, denning and mating on the ice. Decreasing summer Arctic Ocean ice means bears cannot regain their hunting area on the ice pack and they lose body weight and strength for winter and for breeding.

Gary Braasch was hunkered down in a tent waiting to photograph some caribou in the Alaskan tundra when the seriousness of global warming hit him.

During the same trip in 1997, Braasch visited the Alaskan oil fields. In light of this energy industry, 'The connection clicked that animals in the wilderness will be effected by this atmospheric change,' he said.

A Portland-based photographer, Braasch will participate in Pacific University's Focus the Nation's Global Warming events next week with a slide show and lecture about his seven-year project.

In 2000, Braasch launched the World View of Global Warming, a project dedicated to documenting the effect of rapid climate change. Since then he has visited Antarctica, Asia, Europe, South America, North America - 'basically wherever the scientists are studying climate change.'

His photos and publications have appeared in 'Time,' 'Life,' 'National Wildlife,' and numerous other magazines.

His project has evolved to provide a window to the future by showing the solutions that people are coming up with. In 2005, he began work on a book 'Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World,' which came out last fall.

Gary Braasch

What: Gary Braasch will speak and present his photos on climate change

Where: Taylor Auditorium- Marsh Hall, Pacific University

When: 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan 29

This is part one of Focus the Nation's Global Warming events. Other events include a lecture by Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and a panel discussion with Pacific University professors and students and guest panelist Kristen Sheeran, an economics professor from St. Mary's College of Maryland.