The New Year's resolution solution

Part II of III: Personal development
by: Jessica Gregg, Heather Michet will choose the right oils for what ails you.

Resolution: Quit smoking now

Solution: Heather Michet at Iris Healing Arts knows that aromatherapy, properly applied, can help smokers kick the habit.

Michet says that when properly formulated 'essential oils' are applied to the skin and enter the body through the olfactory (smelling) system, the oils have the power to rearrange the limbic system of the brain - the area responsible for emotion and instinctual memory, the nerve center for addictive cravings.

'(The oils) have the capacity to shift the cellular memory and break the pattern of the way it's been,' she said, noting that they also detoxify the body, making withdrawals easier. 'Essential oils are good for kicking many addictions - nicotine, alcohol, food and drug addiction.'

Michet consults each client to find out which essential oils work best before beginning treatment.

'There's not something I just pull off the shelf - a stop-smoking blend,' Michet said. 'I do custom formulating that takes into account each person's constitution.'

To learn more from Michet or to set up an appointment, call 502-668-3296 or visit 17356 Strauss Ave.

Carey Pivcevich at the Massage Therapy Center of Sandy says that acupuncture can help kick addictions as well.

'We're not quite sure why it works,' Pivcevich said, noting that Eastern medicine is proven clinically but mysterious mechanically.

Don't expect needles all over the body; treating cravings and addictions only requires needles in the ear.

Pivcevich advises smokers wanting to quit to get the first dose of acupuncture on their set 'quit date,' followed by treatments every two days for a week, after that moving treatments to less frequent periods.

'It's pretty intensive,' Pivcevich said, noting that although acupuncture has been proven to reduce cravings and relapse rates among addicts, it's only a supplement to other methods, such as the anti-smoking pill, Chantix.

Pivcevich says ear acupuncture is fairly inexpensive, but she advises people to find others who want to quit so they can get group treatment discounts.

For more information call Pivcevich at 503-826-0141 or stop by 38971 Pioneer Blvd.

Resolution: Volunteer to help others

Solution: There are plenty of organizations that could use a helping hand, and all you have to do is call them.

Among the many groups that could use volunteers: Sandy Action Center, Sandy Public Library, Mt. Hood Hospice, the Sandy Senior Center, the Hoodland Senior Center, the Sandy Area Historical Museum, the Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center and the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Sandy, Boring and Hoodland fire departments always are looking for volunteers, and the Sandy Police Department accepts applications for reserve (volunteer) officers. Don't forget local schools, which could use people from parent chaperones to mentors to book-readers.