Letter writer should look ahead

To the Editor:

The only thing excessive is the amount of space given to Mr. Thomas in your newspaper. Does this guy have to continue to live in the past by constantly referring to the Dodd's administration?

He seems to like seeing his name in print. Is he running for something? I think it's about time Mr. Thomas moves forward.

I will admit, I do read his musings for enjoyment. However, I do question his assertion that if a simple rate of 55 cents per thousand had been submitted to voters, the levy would have passed. It still wouldn't have passed because of that stinkin' double majority requirement.

And don't tell me more people would have voted if the 55-cent per thousand was on the ballot. It wouldn't have happened, and he knows it.

If Mr. Thomas cannot find something positive to say, would somebody please step up and give him a hug?

Gary Steffen

West Linn

School fee is the least we can do

To the Editor:

In the last two weeks letters have been printed that address the new construction fee. Yet they both missed the main issue.

First Brian Bittke did not address that the city of West Linn already has construction fees (Systems Development Fees) that amount to thousands of dollars per house. This fee has existed for more than a dozen years.

The fees are to relieve only a portion of the new capital improvements that are needed due to new home construction.

Schools, however, have been unable to collect any such fee until this past year.

New housing over the past 25 years in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District has been one of the main reasons that new schools including Rosemont Ridge Middle School, Wilsonville High School, among others, have had to be built.

However, all residents have had to pay for these new schools. Each new school costs a few million dollars.

Yet Mr. Bittke is upset that the school district will be collecting $500,000 each year from the new construction.

Being a resident of West Linn for more than 27 years, I feel it is proper to collect a token construction fee that does not even match the actual construction costs burden that each new home and related services bring to the city of West Linn.

John McCabe

West Linn

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