Thanks for the recent

stories about Africa

To the Editor:

Simultaneous to reports on the lackluster Christmas sales we are buoyed by stories of happy children in Zambia in your front page story 'Bitten by the water bug' (Jan. 3 edition of the Lake Oswego Review).

For anyone hoping to find the spirit of Christmas under the tree, let them read about the joy found by the Savages in the eyes of children and adults alike in Zambia around a newly discovered water well. At a time of historic wealth in the developing world, social injustice confounds the high-minded rhetoric of politicians due to the condition of hunger and poverty in the third world. Bill and Diane Savage prove that there is an escape from the boredom of affluence in meeting children around mud holes in Africa.

We take our hats off to the Review for this story along with that about 'Helmets for Kenya' (in the same issue). Active members of Our Lady of the Lake when residing in Lake Oswego, I have always been impressed with the faith preached and practiced at Lake Grove Presbyterian and here is another testimony to their interpretation of the Bible. Although we have left Lake Oswego to join grandchildren here in the East, we always enjoy receiving copies of the Review from friends active at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

Jerry Trageser

Hershey, Pa.

Trageser is a former resident of

Lake Oswego.

Linda Brown would serve the district well

To the Editor:

Looking at the national election, the mantra is change. The economy, education, and healthcare are issues that are resonating with voters. Here in Oregon, we have the same concerns. House District 38, covering most of Lake Oswego and a sizeable portion of Southwest Portland, is focused on these issues for all Oregonians. We have the opportunity to address these issues in the Democratic primary to represent District 38, to vote for Linda Brown as our state Representative.

Linda has long recognized the importance of education. As a School Board member, education activist, and a veteran of trips to Salem to secure stable funding for our schools, Linda sees the connection between education and economic well-being. She recognizes that K - 12, community colleges and universities must be accessible and accountable; they are what ensure the long-term viability of our state and our nation.

Linda is not a one-issue candidate. She possesses a deep understanding of our communities - the needs of seniors as well as students, the need to be a steward of our resources, whether those are human or environmental.

Linda Brown has the leadership and the skills to represent District 38 - to cut through the business as usual in Salem and to serve the district as well as she has served the community of Lake Oswego.

Paul J. Lyons

Lake Oswego

How about starting school later in the day?

To the Editor:

Starting times for the Lake Oswego District high schools could be negatively affecting the health of students. As a student from the Lake Oswego High School Political Action Seminar class, on the planning team for later high school starting times for the Lake Oswego School District, we took this matter into our own hands to resolve.

The more research we did on the effects of early rising for high school students, the more information we gathered that helped prove our purpose. As a teen, we need 8 to 9 hours of sleep, however with busy schedules and plenty of homework, for many it is a struggle to get the amount of rest needed each night. Not only is schedule a major factor in lack of sleep, but teens also have internal 'clocks' that delay the time when students feel sleepy and when they feel awake.

If we adjusted the schedule, we could greatly benefit the students overall performance in and out of school. However, we have encountered many barriers in the way. The bus infrastructure, our block scheduling, athletics, and our budget are just some of the road blocks we have come across.

This issue is highly researched scientifically and should be recognized because sleep deprivation provides a negative impact on students' lives. The more we set the problem aside, the more the problem grows for students and teachers, and even parents who deal with students who are sleep deprived each day.

Claudia Simoes

Lake Oswego

Are you threatened by gays/lesbians locally?

To the Editor:

Shame on those who wrote letters to the Lake Oswego Review opposing the intelligent and sensitive letter from Rep. Greg Macpherson (D-Lake Oswego) regarding implementing the new Domestic Partnership law.

Those who claim to be 'pro family' would do what they could to disrupt my family, claiming that granting my partner and myself domestic partnership benefits would do them 'irreparable harm.'

To those who wrote to the Review and claim to be 'pro family,' will it harm you in some way if my partner and I can, after almost 30 years of stable family life, be granted the title of 'Domestic Partners?' Does it threaten you to think that gay and lesbian families live right here in Lake Oswego? Are you even aware of us - or are we so stable that you haven't noticed?

We are simply 'pro family,' too. Just like you. And, we are 'pro-Oregon.' We understand that Oregonians have made laws pertaining to the initiative process and have followed the same laws for decades. We understand that, like any healthy family, things don't always go as we wish. And, we understand that we don't get away with having tantrums when things don't go our way.

But, sometimes things do go our way. We, being pro-democracy, understand that we have elected representatives for the purpose of using their education and skills to do our homework for us about what is best for Oregonians. And, yes, sometimes their work benefits us directly. Thank you, Rep. Macpherson.

Shame on those who have gone outside the state to federal court to try to circumvent our Oregon initiative laws. We do not need your out-of-state influences, but we do need you to show that you are truly 'pro family' and support the stability and well-being of every Oregonian and every Oregon family. Thank goodness we have a law that attempts to do just that.

Joni Cady

Lake Oswego

Seems like lions, tigers

and bears, oh, my

To the Editor:

Lately there has been a lot of coverage about the American Indian movement protesting the use of Indian's names such as the 'Braves,' 'Redskins,' 'Warriors' and 'Indians.'

Why haven't we heard from the Audubon Society? After all, we have the 'Falcons,' 'Eagles,' 'Seahawks' and so on.

What happened to the animal rights groups? Something should be done about the 'Colts,' 'Bears,' 'Lions,' 'Tigers'. . . And also, why haven't we heard about what is going to be done about the 'Buffalo Bills?'

But the teams I really worry about are the 'Saints,' 'Angels,' 'Cardinals' and 'Padres?' We're in for a peck of trouble when you-know-who starts on them!

David G. Wienecke

Lake Oswego

District 38 would be well served by Linda Brown

To the Editor:

House District 38 has an opportunity. The district can send Linda Brown to Salem. Linda has been ably serving residents of the Lake Oswego portion of the district for years as a School Board member and chair. She has served all of Oregon's students as a leader in advocating for education.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Linda to secure adequate and more stable funding for K - 12 education in this state. Her leadership, dedication and insightful grasp of issues are something the residents of District 38 can rely on. She has a deep understanding of our myriad environmental concerns, the complexities of providing health care to all Oregonians and other issues that our Legislature will be addressing.

District 38 will be well served by electing Linda Brown to the state House of Representatives. Her reasoned voice, common sense, experience and commitment will benefit not only the district but the state as well.

Anne K. Woodbury

Lake Oswego

Amazed that anyone feels there could be harm

To the Editor:

While I can understand folks disagreeing with Rep. Greg Macpherson's opinion piece, I believe that some statements in responses are misleading.

If Oregon permits committed gay couples to register in 'civil unions' or 'domestic partnerships,' these classifications will not begin to provide them with all of the hundreds of privileges granted to heterosexual married couples by state and federal governments. There will still be considerable contrasts between marriages and civil unions - which are indeed two very distinctly different things.

When Mr. Macpherson complains about an out-of-state group bringing action to halt civil unions in Oregon, he makes no claim that signatures on petitions are not those of qualified registered Oregon voters or that those who signed are necessarily fundamentalists - as one writer seems to imply! It's the Alliance Defense Fund that he so identified.

I agree with Macpherson that requiring the verification of every single signature on every single petition submitted is going to create unreasonable extra work and expenses for the office of the Secretary of State. What will the effects be on the initiative process in our state?

I am amazed that anyone insists that he, she or they will suffer 'irreparable harm' if gay and lesbian couples are permitted to become domestic partners, but the latter certainly will suffer. When my gay partner died 27 years ago, I was not even allowed to do something as simple as removing from his finger a ring that I had given him without first obtaining the permission of his young daughter! That is quite trivial compared to the very real problems a surviving member of a gay or lesbian couple has without the guaranties and protections of the domestic partnership law.

Lyle M. Tucker

Lake Oswego

Dock design works for city, board and fish

To the Editor:

I hope that this will clarify statements in a letter (in the Lake Oswego Review) from John Pullen on Jan. 17 regarding the docks at Foothills. The dock idea was, as he says, 'put to rest' in 2006 by the (Lake Oswego City) Council's approval of the docks.

The 'original' plan was rejected by the entire council, including me, in 2005. Our staff then worked with the Marine Board for nearly two years to find a design that worked for them, worked for us and now works for fish.

Additional studies, subsequent to our original approval regarding fish habitat, were required by the Army Corps of Engineers and National Marine Fisheries Service and then brought back to the council for re-approval of the dock so that it would be in 20 feet of water to better provide for fish. The city now has the permits and also retains the federal and state grants that will support the construction.

Judie Hammerstad

Lake Oswego Mayor

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