Veterans should be consulted on City Hall

In 1945, a group of veterans established a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post here in Gresham. These and other Veterans, (VFW, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans) were the 'movers and shakers' of Gresham. It was with their help the building of the then 'new City Hall' came about in the '50s. There would have been no City Hall if not for them and the city government knew it and named the building after them. They also stipulated that the building not be sold without the OK of the veterans groups.

Fast forward to 2008 …

This 'Master Plan' shows a Japanese Gardens where the Veteran's Memorial Hall stands today. At no time in the last four years has anyone contacted the veterans who helped build that facility and consulted us on what our desires and plans for our building might be.

I think the city should respect its veterans and involve them in any decision that affects their interest in the Veterans Memorial Building (Old City Hall) on Powell Boulevard.

Val G. Shaull


Elect Jeff Merkley to

the U.S. Senate

Jeff Merkley should be one of Oregon's U.S. Senators. He is one of the finest candidates for a major office the state of Oregon has produced. He is intelligent, competent and truthful. His leadership as Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, as been effective and positive for the entire state, as well as for those of us in Multnomah County.

I have known Jeff Merkley ever since he was a student in David Douglas High School, where he was elected president of the senior class of more than 500 students. He then enrolled at Stanford University, where he was also a superior student.

His record in the Oregon Legislature is one of excellent leadership, fairness and political success. Those of us who reside in this fine state of Oregon can look to Jeff Merkley as a U.S. Senator who will use wise judgment and honesty in choosing laws and regulations that are good for the nation, as well as beneficial for those of us in the state of Oregon.

Dr. Howard F. Horner


Church thanks Scouts, community for help

The Properties Commission of Powell Valley Covent Church gives a huge thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Jacob Childs for his Eagle Scout service project of planting grass and laying down lawn mulch and seedlings after a tree removal on our church campus. Jacob recruited help from his troop and other community members, and donations of equipment from Mall 205/Troutdale Home Depots, Lewis Rents, Sunbelt Rentals, Portland Rent and Dan Belchor Nursery. A total value of $790 was donated and 149.25 service hours were given by 33 people for this project.

We are appreciative to everyone who assisted in this project.

James Schmidt

Properties Commission Chairman

on behalf of Powell Valley Covenant Church congregation


Relative still dealing with aftermath of accident

I am responding to the article 'Local Man Will be Missed,' in the Dec. 8 issue of The Outlook regarding Brian Keith Wilson. My father-in-law, Wilfredo Fernandez, is still in the hospital a month and a half later. He is still in a state of disrepair, and I mean that figuratively. His legs are so badly broken and burned that it will be at least a year before he could even consider walking.

It is a shame that everyone's focus is on this man, who, yes, unfortunately died, but is ultimately resting. Now, my family is left picking up the pieces of one man's horrible mistake. Has anyone thought of the peril my mother-in-law now finds herself in, now being the only breadwinner and wondering if Wilson's insurance is going to come through and pay for what he did? There is more to his mistake than just him dying, now we have to live with the consequence of what one man decided to do one fateful night. Yeah, I'm sure he will be missed, but now Mr. Wilfredo Fernandez has to live being half the man he used to be. Think about that.

Julia Fernandez

Highland, Calif.

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