City's decision hurts bus riders

I found the comment by Salvatore 'Sam' Mangone most interesting in the January 2008 issue, 'Letters: Citizens should be more outraged,' and reading the rest of the story regarding Chief Middleton vs. the City was interesting as well.

Mr. Mangone asks, 'Where is the outrage from other citizens regard the Chief vs. the City?' Perhaps it could be that too many don't like seeing their name in print or that they find it's easier to chat about these things over the 'back fence.'

As for me I first met the Chief in 1995 when I went there shortly after my retirement to see if there was anything I could do (volunteer wise). They were rather surprised at my inquiry, but found many things for me to do and this lasted for two years.

Now to fast forward to today, when I'm wondering the same thing - where is the outrage?

I am referring to the city's decision to order TriMet to find another layover, which occurred on March 4, 2007.

I ride the bus four days a week (and have since April 2004) and have heard a lot of bus riders, including those who come to Sherwood via the Newberg Link to connect to the 12 Barbur and/or the 94 Express. Rarely a day goes by but some are still asking 'whose idea is this?' Especially for what we call the split schedule.

For those who don't know what a split schedule is, let me explain. This is when anyone coming into Sherwood in the morning is required to 'layover,' or stay on the bus in front of Shari's restaurant for approximately 25 minutes until the bus continues into Old Town before heading back to Portland.

Those who need to leave Sherwood after the noon hour still get the same treatment.

They layover at Shari's before heading on to Portland. Those who came in in the morning and leave after noon get a double whammy.

According to documentation I have, the city felt this new layover was 'more convenient,' not only for the bus passengers but the bus operators. What makes the city feel they know what is best for us? Don't we who depend on the bus know what is best? Then to lose the 15 minute frequent service. It all stinks.

This brings me down to what Mr. Mangone asks: Why aren't people more outraged? Why didn't all those people who ride the bus let the city know their feelings nine months ago? I gave them the name of the person to talk to and they said they would. Now here we are still cow towing to the city. G

I guess in some ways, as sad as it is to think, you simply can't fight City Hall! Or can we?

Lastly I tend to agree with the Chief (former Police Chief Bill Middleton) - I also feel we need fresh people and fresh ideas, not only in the city but on the City Council as well. We need people who will actually care what bus riders and others think before they do what they feel is best for the rest of us.

Jean Almond


Helping Hands director thanks community for outstanding effort

It has been a truly amazing year with all the involvement of the community for Helping Hands.

Sherwood residents should be proud to know that everyone that asked for help received it this year. We were taking calls until two days before Christmas answering the needs to those who called late.

Helping Hands assisted 84 Sherwood families serving a total of 314 people. Seniors were not left without during these times. Deliveries were made to them as well.

I just want to say a great big thank you to every single person and business that participated this year. To the people that brought things to my home, or just dropped off food, made a donation, sponsored a family or child, helped pack the food, made phone calls and made deliveries: you are all what makes this program work so well.

The Sherwood Police Department also became active this year. The PAL program, which is no longer active, donated money to the police department and they in turn went shopping for toys for local Sherwood children. They shopped for last-minute families and didn't spare any expense on the children's needs or wants.

Special thanks to the youth of Sherwood, with all the food drives and shopping for gifts for the younger children, I just think you're all awesome.

My hats off to the parents of young children that are getting their children involved either by shopping for other children or helping pack food, it's a very valuable life experience they won't forget.

Helping Hands Food Bank is affiliated with the Oregon Food Bank and we welcome people that are in need of food. If you know someone who needs help in Sherwood and are too proud to make the call, do it for them. Velma can be reached at 503-625-7537 and Dotti and Gerry can be reached at 503-625-7744.

Velma Woolley

director, Helping Hands Sherwood

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