Letters to the Editor, Jan. 30

To the Editor:

Can we count on leadership to present this session a simple $0.05 gas tax increase? This should be the starting point. We cannot wait to 2009 where a comprehensive transportation funding package could be fully developed and debated with county-wide increases in vehicle registration fees.

What each municipality is trying to do in a piecemeal manner is crazy. We must have something this session. Just keep it simple and come up with some type of across-the-board user tax where you send money back to the cities and counties.

Road maintenance becomes increasingly more expensive with any delay. The end result of delay is that it will result in costing our citizens more than it should. If the cities and counties can be given some reliable new revenue stream, they could even bond some of the critically needed road and street maintenance. Time is of the essence, inflationary increases in the cost are against us.

It has to be KISS (Keep it Simple) and reasonable.

Paul Edgar

Oregon City

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