by: Eric Norberg, A speeding driver, identified as Ken Daniel Ellingson, operating the dark sedan while experiencing a hypoglycemic episode, was responsible for this violent rear-end crash on S.E. Holgate at 27th, on the morning of Saturday, December 22nd. Although both vehicles were spun completely around, spewing parts and pieces down the street, no injuries were reported.

50-year-old Keffer Jensen, later described as a retired sheriff's deputy, and his passenger, were eastbound on S.E. Holgate Boulevard at 10:28 am just before Christmas on Saturday, December 22nd, at about 30 miles an hour - when 38-year-old Ken Daniel Ellingson, driving a dark grey 2003 Dodge Neon, came up rapidly behind them, traveling at what was described by witnesses as 'an excessive rate of speed', and slammed into the back of their light gold 2006 Kia Spectra.

The collision was so violent that the victim's car was spun completely around, and the speeder's vehicle first bounced off an adjacent building, and then wound up in the middle of Holgate, facing back the way it had come, with pieces of both vehicles scattered along Holgate for more than a block.

Ellingson, the driver of the speeding car, then reportedly climbed out of his vehicle and attempted to run, before being tackled first by Jensen, the driver of the car he had hit - and then, when he had broken free, again by a nearby gas station attendant, who held him for arriving police. Firefighters from Westmoreland's Station 20, Woodstock's Station 25, and Brooklyn's Station 23 responded, as did two ambulances.

A medical test performed on-scene by an AMR ambulance crew found that Ellingson had low blood glucose, indicating a hypoglycemic condition, which may have contributed to his impaired driving and subsequent behavior.

No injuries were reported, although the pair in the rammed vehicle both said they experienced some head and neck pain from the impact. Holgate Boulevard was blocked by the wreckage, and by fire and police equipment, for over an hour.

Eventually, the police decided that no charges would arise against Ellingson from the accident itself, in accordance with current city policy of not citing drivers in accidents in which no injury has occurred. However, Ellingson was cited for 'Driving Without Insurance', and his vehicle - or at least as much of it as remained - was impounded.

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