A bystander's 9-1-1 phone call, at 2 am on Wednesday, January 9th, may have saved the life of a woman whose upstairs bedroom was ablaze in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood. At the time of the call, flames were seen at the bedroom window of the older home, located near S.E. 60th on Gladstone Street.

Firefighters racing from Woodstock's Station 25 and elsewhere knocked down the flames swiftly and rescued the 44-year-old occupant, who, confused by the smoke and fire, believed that her son was also in the house - but firefighters found nobody else in the home after a thorough search, and he turned out to be with his father on a planned visit.

The woman was treated at the scene and then taken to a hospital for further treatment and observation. She was said to be suffering from smoke inhalation, and was expected to fully recover.

Due to the swiftness of the emergency response and the construction of the home, the house, though heavily damaged, was not a total loss; damage was estimated at $100,000. Before clearing the fire scene at dawn, firefighters determined the cause of the blaze to be a smoldering cigarette.

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