Heroin use a possible cause in Sellwood vandalism spree

by: , Booking “mug shot” of Lewis Smith, accused Sellwood vandal, courtesy of the Portland Police Department.

A man identified as 20-year-old Lewis Smith is under arrest for a brief but violent burst of vandalism on S.E. 17th in Sellwood early Sunday morning, January 6th, just before 4 am.

The vandal is reported to have smashed windows and doors and at least five businesses and a few homes, and also to have damaged a couple of vehicles on the street, all the time yelling - according to one witness - that he wanted to go home.

One of the damaged businesses was Foster's Market, where workers told police they saw the man throw a hunk of wood through their door. Police also confiscated surveillance videotapes from a business along the street which reportedly show Smith committing the violent acts.

Two other businesses reportedly suffering damage have been victimized by criminals previously - K and H Lighting [see separate story], and Twin Paradox Coffeehouse.

Police responded to reports of the incident shortly after it began, and placed Smith under arrest on multiple charges of criminal mischief. Suggesting a possible cause of the deranged behavior, police also discovered heroin in his possession, and charged him with that as well. He was booked and released, pending a court appearance.