S.E. Uplift awards neighborhood small grants


The nonprofit, city-supported Southeast Portland coalition organization, Southeast Uplift, announced on January 10th that it had made thirteen 'neighborhood small grants' to Southeast organizations, totaling $41,746.

Several of the grant recipients are organizations based in the neighborhoods directly served by THE BEE - the largest of these grants being the $4,500 given to the Reed Neighborhood Association for its 'Heart of the Neighborhood' project, to improve its communication system and to motivate more residents to get involved in their neighborhood.

The Moreland Farmers Market in Westmoreland will receive $4,406 for 'opening and closing day events'. The Woodstock Neighborhood Association was granted $3,500 to help with the presentation of its fourth annual 'Woodstock Neighborhood Picnic' this summer. The Creston-Kenilworth Neighborhood Assn. will get $2,800 for its 'Cleanup and Resource Fair'.

And, the Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Assn. was granted $1,800 to create and distribute a directory of local businesses; the businesses of that neighborhood, being part of the Woodstock Community Business Assn. by the city's definition, also qualify for listing on the WCBA's Internet business directory, www.Woodstockbiz.com, at no charge.