by: David F.  Ashton, Shannon Quimby, the “Q-Renew” star from television’s HGTV network, stands by a camellia tree’s root ball before it is moved 22 feet northward. She says moving it fits with her “reuse everything” philosophy – and saves money as well.

Sellwood's Shannon Quimby, the 'Q-Renew' gal seen on the Home and Garden TV Network, is sticking with her publicized mission to reuse everything while rebuilding her home at 2022 S.E. Rex Street in the Westmoreland neighborhood.

Coining an acronym, she calls it the 'REX (Reuse Everything eXperiment) Project'.

'I said I was saving and reusing everything,' Quimby tells us, 'and I am - including the six mature camellias.'

With the help of a half-dozen workers - and a gigantic crane - she's transplanting the trees, on site, in different locations.

'Isn't this costing you a fortune?' we ask.

Quimby replies, 'Actually it's saving me money. If I had to replace all of these trees, doing landscaping, and if I had purchased these trees, it would cost over $25,000. To dig the trees, ball the roots, and move them is going to cost about $10,000. So I'm way ahead of the game. And, these camellias have been here for years and years. So not only am I saving money, I'm saving part of the neighborhood.'

However, city arborists told Quimby that the holly tree on the property was on their nuisance list, and she could chop it down. 'We did. But, now we're milling it into an interior exposed column in the new family room and dining room area.'

You can follow her adventure - recycling an entire house and yard, board by board - at her Internet website:

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