Brooklyn sports new Do-It-Yourself center

by: Rita A. Leonard, Ryerson’s Sales Manager Brenda Palmer points to some sale items in the new Do-It-Yourself Center now open in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

South Portland's Ryerson Hardwood Floors has opened a new Do-It-Yourself Center in the Brooklyn neighborhood, at 1705 SE Rhine Street. The December Grand Opening raised the curtain on the new enterprise, where Owner Greg Fish oversees about 30 employees. The parent flooring company, though, is hardly new - it's currently celebrating its 60th year in business.

And, it's not just boards and hardware. Ryerson's Technical Expert, Craig Elbon, teaches D.I.Y. classes on floor installation and sanding and finishing. Fish points out that Ryerson's has been helping customers 'do it themselves' for 20 years, but the new D.I.Y. center, open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am till 5 pm, is focused specifically on helping the handy do it themselves.

Sales Manager Brenda Palmer says, 'We're capitalizing on our years of experience to make ourselves more customer-friendly. We carry a good supply of woods, finishes, and maintenance supplies here. We also offer equipment rentals and a midrange line of tools that demonstrate good performance.

'The purpose of our classes is to let our customers' projects be the best they can be, whether D.I.Y. or professionally-finished,' she explains. 'Call us at 503/233-0072. We're always happy to offer suggestions - whatever is needed.'

Ryerson's Brooklyn DIY Center provides free handouts on everything from woods, tools and rentals, to finishes, 'green' projects, and restoration. Sales Associate Bob Richardson observes, 'We were 'green' before green was cool.'

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