Welcome to Sandy, Bi-Mart!

Bring on Bi-Mart! What a wonderful store to have in Sandy. As a retiree on a limited income, I have to plan my shopping trips carefully. Although Damascus and Troutdale are fairly close, it still takes gasoline to drive there.

Bi-Mart is a homegrown company that is employee owned. What more can we ask for? Finally, someone is looking out for the little guy.



Brookhart's sentiments out of desperation

I am a new subscriber to the Sandy Post, and I have been somewhat surprised by the caustic comments of Mr. Bill Brookhart within this paper's pages. His tirades suggest a man who is trying hard to convince himself that he is right as he tries to convince others, even though the evidence suggests otherwise.

It must be hard for him to come to grips with the fact that the once-powerful right wing of the Republican Party is on the decline, its policies a failure, its standard bearers brought down by scandals, greed and the empirical occupation of Iraq.

No amount of angry, insulting letters can change the facts. This war was a huge mistake, and the deceit of the Bush Administration has been laid bare for those with eyes to see.

That is why I join my neighbors on the corner every Friday I can, to encourage more Americans to call for its end.

Americans everywhere are waking up to the fact that this oil-driven debacle has actually made our country less safe and fueled an anti-American sentiment across a globe that used to idolize us. More and more Americans are realizing that conservative policies have failed this country, and the worse the news gets for people like Mr. Brookhart, the shriller they sound. In the final irony, Mr. Brookhart's tantrums in the pages of the Sandy Post have, if anything else, galvanized the progressive citizens of Sandy that oppose this occupation and increased the numbers of people exercising their right to free speech on the streets of our town. Thank you, Mr. Brookhart, for the help. Couldn't have done it without you!



Live like a 'Tree City'

I would like to encourage the residents of Sandy and the Sandy City Council to consider a statute that would protect the integrity of the trees that are in public view. I suggest that any tree work over 10 feet must be signed off by a certified arborist or designate.

There are two commercial properties in town that have allowed (without knowing) a landscaper or maintenance person to destroy the natural beauty and structure of the trees on their property while attempting to shape them as if they were a low-growing shrub.

The maples on both properties have the genetic wiring to reach 80 to 100 feet high. The birches have a capacity to reach about 40 feet and are especially susceptible to borer and fungal damage even when they aren't cut. They never need to be pruned. The same goes for the weeping cherry at the Ten Eyck cemetery that have been destroyed.

Ninety-nine percent of all trees have a dominant central leader that provides the backbone of the tree to resist wind damage. When we have the wind events here, just go outside, look, listen, and imagine what the trees are bearing in wind load on a sail that is 60 to 80 feet above ground.

Many trees in Gresham also have been cut in half by someone who doesn't understand that trees most often don't require any intervention. They are naturally beautiful. Their function/design isn't to be a Q-Tip or a Disney character. It's really sad to see.

I urge the City Council to actually live the 'Tree City USA' designation and determine the correct path to keep our trees naturally safe and beautiful.



Where's the ski team?

The Wednesday, Jan. 23, edition of the Sandy Post covered a good deal of important community news, but I was disappointed to see one significant ommision: any mention of the Sandy High School ski team, which is providing something for the Sandy area to be proud of. We should stand up and take notice!

On Saturday Jan. 19, for the third weekend in a row, the boys ski team won the weekend ski race on Mt. Hood. Four SHS young men finished in the top 10, with SHS taking first, third, fourth and 10th. Behind the impressive skiing of James Snowbarger (first), Steven Brown (third) and Eric Chapman (fourth), the SHS boys won the race beating a talented Hood River team. Stasi Rogers (10th) and Alex Churchill also turned in strong performances.

The girls team performed well, finishing second behind Hood River, but ahead of their longtime rival St. Mary's Academy. Katie Kilty and Erin McAllester lead the way for the Pioneer ladies, finishing sixth and 10th respectively.

All of the team should be commended for their dedication and hard work. Saturday's conditions were unusually windy, icy and cold, yet they performed well. Under the guidance of coaches Steve Buchholz, Breanne Morton (who delivered a baby in October but has followed through with her commitment to the team) and Ted Nealy, they have been doing dry ground practice since early November. They also have been traveling up the mountain for ski practice two evenings a week, which doesn't get them home until 8 p.m.

They deserve the recognition and congratulations of the Sandy community. They are representing us very well.



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