Autodesk is a welcomed new member in the city

Creative company brings 200 needed new jobs to the Kruse Way business district

Welcome to the neighborhood.

With relatively little fanfare, a major player has moved into Lake Oswego … a player brimming with confidence, creativity and a hefty payroll.

It's an exciting addition for the Kruse Way business district as Autodesk Manufacturing Division, complete with 200 local jobs, takes up quarters on Meadows Road. The multi-billion dollar firm has launched its first customer briefing center and manufacturing headquarters right here in our city.

Many people might not recognize the name Autodesk but probably would be familiar with many of the business' creative products, ranging from the spectacular 3D effects in recent movies to a special two-gear wheelchair that gives help and hope to people who can't walk.

Many of its efforts deal with customers who are struggling to create something and via a 'digital prototyping' process through Autodesk can see their dreams become reality.

Essentially, Autodesk is world leader in 2D and 3D design software for manufacturing, building and construction, and media and entertainment markets.

Why here?

'We decided we could locate either here or in downtown Portland,'explains Robert 'Buzz' Kross, senior vice president and director of Autodesk. 'We thought our customers would have a better experience out here.'

When you ponder Autodesk's impact on the business landscape, a couple of words come to mind:

n Creativity

n Innovation

n Collaboration

n Inspiration

Indeed, visitors to the company's new showroom have come away impressed with Autodesk and raving about some of the high-tech gadgetry that is on display.

And why should Lake Oswegans - and Oregonians in general - care about Autodesk?

Let's let Allen Alley, deputy chief of staff for Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski, answer that one. While at Autodesk's special opening celebration he observed, 'These jobs are the pinnacle of the kind of jobs we can create in this economy.'