Thanks to all for supporting VIP PDX

To the Editor:

The following is an open letter to the citizens of Lake Oswego and West Linn:

Dear Community of Lake Oswego and West Linn:

I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband and myself with great thanks to the community of Lake Oswego and West Linn. We started our business, VIP PDX, at this time last year with the hope of providing upscale transportation for wine tours, corporate events and weddings.

This community has embraced us with creativity and support. Our clients have been so innovative in the use of our services, providing fun on wheels for 'reverse surprise' parties, high school proms, tailgating during football season, business brewery tours and even familiarization tours of Lake Oswego coordinated by the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce.

My husband, Graham who hosts most of our events, commented that the students from area high school were the most polite kids he had ever encountered. Kudos to this community for your wonderful support of new businesses and a huge thank you for keeping VIP PDX rollin'.

Jennifer and Graham Berry


Lake Oswego

Be aware if Verizon comes calling

To the Editor:

Verizon is currently coming through Lake Oswego Neighborhoods installing fiber optic cable for future service.

Streets that do not have overhead wires require burying the cable, distinguished by spray painted marks and arrows on and around yards in advance of the drilling.

If you see these marks appear on your property, you should know that Verizon can and has taken out plants (discarded), grass, bedding and sprinkler systems. You could also be left with an unsightly vault with a large Verizon logo stamped on it where your landscaping used to be.

Surprisingly to me, all of this can be done without even a knock on your door because of a city of Lake Oswego authorized card that was left on your front door months ago.

If you see spray painted marks appear around your property and would like to have the chance to save and replant anything that may be in their way before it is too late, you can contact the following number and ask for details in advance: North Sky Communications (Verizon contractors ) 503-647-9991.

Mike Vincent

Lake Oswego

Hart will be missed in Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

The pilot light of our neighborhood flickered out Saturday afternoon.

Ed Hart, loyal friend, local business legend, devoted husband and father, passed away at age 84.

My six-year-old son Jackson shared the same birthday as Ed. Jackson upon hearing about Ed's death said, 'maybe he'll come back as Sasquatch (Bigfoot)!'

Ed would have liked to hear it put that way. For eight years Ed was a popular fixture at our local coffee shop. He'd sit outside with his drip coffee, reading the newspaper, interrupted often, as many fans stopped by to share their friendship.

We'll all miss you Eddie. They don't make 'em like you anymore. Remember, a hot cup of coffee will always be here for you. Adios Bigfoot.

Chuck Ryan

Chuck's Cookies and Coffee

Lake Oswego

Support for Lake Theater remodel

To the Editor:

Good news! The Lake Theater owner wishes to modify this landmark of our downtown, not do away with it for profits. Yes, business is business, but his sense of community rises above such in this affluent community. We need to give him ideas for modification so kids parties, walking to the good movies that he and we select and meeting friends for a night out (maybe a bite out to share lives rather than e-mail), see a favorite seasoned actor/actress here close to home, don't want to subscribe to Netflix, be cooped up with little time to bump into old friends at The Lake.

'Hey, got a couple hours to connect again … can we meet down at the Lake?'

Maybe 'The Bucket List' proves that money isn't everything, you can't take it with you!

On another note: LOST: Reward if a bright red and white tote bag that has a message in black letters in French is returned. It contains a book titled 'The Faith Club' from the Lake Oswego Library and a few other articles and was a Christmas gift from a son so it means a lot to me.

Please return to the library or call me, Maureen Long at 503-636-8046.

Maureen Long

Lake Oswego

High school parking problem needs a fix

To the Editor:

This letter is on behalf of every Lake Oswego High School student who has to park at Our Saviors Lutheran Church located across the street from the high school.

Every morning I leave my house 20 minutes prior to the first bell, park at my designated spot at the church and then proceed to walk the 5 to 8 minutes in the rain and cold to Lake Oswego High School. The privilege of driving to school has become more of a hassle than anything. The walk to the Lake Oswego High School from Our Saviors Church includes having to wait for the crosswalk to cross both the driveway to Lake Oswego Junior High and another one crossing Country Club Road. In the cold, these waits can seem like hours. Then comes the uphill climb to Lake Oswego High School. By the time I reach the school, I am cold, wet from the rain, out of breath and usually late for class.

Alternative options of getting to school would be getting dropped off at the high school or taking the bus. For a lot of students the bus stops are not reasonable distances from their houses and they have to get up even earlier just to catch it. Also many working parents can't drive their teenagers to school every mourning.

If you are running late to class and decide to try parking in one of the many unused spots by the school, you will receive a ticket for $50. Having the privilege to park down the hill and across the street from the high school will cost you $100 for a year. Some students can't even get parking spots due to the small (number) of spots available for students.

The parking problem at Lake Oswego High School is something that needs to be fixed immediately. Students should not have to suffer just so they can drive to school. The school board and Lake Oswego High School needs to take into account their students needs.

Molly Wallace

Lake Oswego

Bond measure timing comment challenged

To the Editor:

In her state of the city speech, (Lake Oswego) Mayor Judie Hammerstad insinuates that the charter amendment proposed by Ask Lake Oswegans last year disrupted plans for a November bond measure for the Safeco purchase.

How dare she! She is the one who fought any ballot measure for the Safeco purchase, even the 'advisory' vote that her fellow council members finally insisted on. After they out-voted her to get a city measure on the November ballot, she tried to manipulate them into not submitting an explanatory statement for it, as a back-door maneuver to get it removed from the ballot.

As for a bond measure to actually pay for the Safeco purchase, the mayor has continually delayed that with one excuse after another: The need for a complete 'plan' for the building, avoidance of the double majority voting requirement, etc. Her last excuse for not putting a bond measure on the November 2008 ballot was that there would be too many competing money measures, thus it should be delayed until 2010.

In this same speech, the mayor proposes moving the police and 9-1-1 operations to the Safeco building to justify using our public safety reserve funds to lower the amount of a future bond measure. One of the biggest issues with the Safeco purchase from the very beginning was that it was not put up for a real vote in a timely manner, with a bond measure to pay for it. Instead, the city continues to deplete its reserves to pay interest on the line of credit.

When will we ever get a vote, mayor? After you have depleted all our reserve accounts and there is no money left to pay the line of credit?

Mary F. Olson

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: Mayor Judie Hammerstad responds 'the council will be considering the next steps for the uses for the West End Building in an open public process.  We will consider the affirmation by the electorate in November to retain the West End Building, and we will be fiscally responsible in  the future, as in the past, through our commitment to maintaining our outstanding triple A bond ratings.'