Back to Work

Retirement is not always what it was supposed to be. Some pick up where they left off jus to get back to work
by: Bob Schoenberg, King City’s Suzan Turley sought out a job after she retired from the Department of Justice, and it was not for the money.

King City and Summerfield are known for being retirement communities. People move here quitting the going into work routine and are supposed to take up the playing golf routine, or the playing cards routine.

That does happen. But more and more retired people are going back to work or volunteering their time in their areas of expertise.

Suzan Turley who lived in Summerfield for three years and then moved into a King City apartment two years ago, once worked for Eastern State University, OHSU and then Oregon's Department of Justice.

When she retired she started working as a trainer of volunteers at AARP to take up some of her free time. She also runs the 'We Need To Talk' seminars explaining when it is time for seniors to give up the car and how to use alternative transportation.

But it wasn't enough. So she went back out into the job market and found herself a job. She works now, part-time, as a teller for Bank of the West in Tualatin. A bank teller was a job she had done many years ago.

'I loved being a teller, so I thought hey, maybe someone would want me to be there a few hours and they did,' she said. 'I really missed working when I retire. I didn't realize how much I would miss work. For me it was my social life, I didn't know how much of it was connected to my job.'

Turley works at her teller job as well as serving on the board of the Association of Social Work.

She spends quiet a few days a year flying to board meetings in other parts of the country and the bank has been great about coordinating her work schedule with her volunteer work.

When ever the bank needs a teller for an emergency, she's available and in return the bank is liberal about the time she takes off for traveling.

She also volunteers with King City working on the budget committee at the Beaverton Christian Church that she attends. In addition, she tutors beauty pageant contestants on public speaking.