Traffic light going up at Beef Bend intersection

by: Bob Schoenberg, The intersection of Beef Bend and 131st Avenue is due to get a flashing signal light. Washington County is in the process of surveying the intersection.

KING CITY - City manager David Wells announced to the City Council meeting Jan. 2 that Washington County agreed to construct a signal light at the corner of Beef Bend Road and 131st Avenue.

The Deer Creek Elementary school is at one corner of the intersection and the school zone speed limit during the day follows along both streets leading up to the corner.

City Councilors for some time have felt a flashing warning signal at the corner would contribute to the safety of the intersection that can be quiet busy with school buses, parents in cars dropping off children and the school children themselves who walk to school.

The signal light's construction has been put on the schedule by the county to be built this year. The flashing yellow light and the construction was purchased using System Development Charge fees collected by the county from housing development in the area.

Both Beef Bend Road and 131st Avenue, though within the city limits of King City, are county roads.