Andrea Bugni finishes 12th with 19 toss up questions answered correctly
by: Mary Ann Bugni, Estacada Team 1 in a morning Round Robin match - (L to R) Shawn Moyer, Captain Andrea Bugni, Dylan Ortega, and Caleb Wiles.

Two Estacada Junior High School teams competed in the annual Science Bowl held at the University of Portland Saturday.

Two-hundred-fifty students from 53 middle school teams gathered for opening ceremonies held at 8 a.m., then began the day by competing in five team 'round robin' competitions. Estacada's team 1, Captain Andrea Bugni, Shawn Moyer, Dylan Ortega, Katy Warren and Caleb Wiles, won three of the four rounds. Team 2, Captain Tia Powers, Ivan Acosta, Maddy Dinsdale, Renee Reese, Stetson Riley and Shannon Wagner won two of the four rounds.

Andrea Bugni placed 12th in the most answered toss up questions of the day competition, with 19 toss up questions answered correctly.

'Estacada showed true team spirit during bonus question rounds when they compatibly consulted each other for the correct answer,' said parent Mary Ann Bugni. 'Despite the teams' obvious knowledge and expertise in responding correctly to many questions, occasionally the questions were written at a high school or college level. To these questions, the Estacada teams, after being sure they didn't know the answer, smiled, and with good humor, pleasantly replied 'Cupcake,' or even, 'May I buy a vowel?' delighting the judges and scorekeepers, the opposing team and the audience.

'In the end, and despite the Estacada team's excellent effort, they did not make it into the top 16 teams to compete in the afternoon championships,' Bugni said.

Coached by EHS freshman Bailey Rathbun, and EJHS science teachers Deb Wexler and Debra DiPasquale, the Estacada teams began preparing for the competition in October by meeting once a week after school. In December they increased their practice to two times a week.

'We will get together again and celebrate our hard work,' Wexler said, 'then take a break until next fall when we will start up again with the 'veterans' and anyone else that would like to join.'

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