Common people showed their power in Measure 49 vote

'ARROGANT' Making exorbitant claims on account of one's rank, power, worth; presumptuous, haughty, overbearing proud and assuming.

- Webster's Dictionary

Dear Andrew Miller:

This letter is in response to your statements in the News-Times last month ('Post-49: Life in land-use limbo,' Dec. 5, 2007).

I was astounded by the arrogance that you displayed in answering questions concerning Ballot Measure 49 and how its passage relates to your company, Stimson Lumber Co.

Stating that Oregon's land-use system is 'an insiders game' implies that you and your company are not quite on the up and up. This is no news to those folks who are your neighbors on Iowa Hill.

We are well aware that you cause damage to our lands with no remorse or compensation. We are also aware that you seem to be able to bend and or break forestry laws with impunity. It's bad enough to be doing these things, but to be bragging about them is even worse, and I might add, not too smart.

Just as a reminder, folks who are 'small land owners without resources and time' are the exact people who drafted Measure 49 and passed it.

The half-million dollars that Stimson dumped into the campaign did nothing to further your greedy cause.

Calling us fools is a mistake on your part. We have banded together before and we will again. Thinking that just because development has happened elsewhere is a guarantee that it will happen here is faulty thinking on your part.

There are many thousands of ordinary folks worldwide who have stopped development and destruction of farm lands and wild spaces.

You say that you do not care how Stimson is viewed. You should. Your company is part of a community whether you like it or not. What you do and how you act reflects on your image, and that in turn is a reflection on how you are viewed in the community.

You say that you do things because you think they are right - right for your employees.

Is that why you spent half a million dollars on the 'No On 49' campaign at the same time that you shut your mill down for several weeks, putting your employees out of work?

You say that you are a 'cards on the table kind of people.' Why then would you infer that you are in on some kind of insiders' game that the rest of us 'fools' can't get in on? Whose cards? Whose table?

Arrogance, Mr. Miller, is not pretty. You might want to rethink your statements and review your attitude. The community you are part of is watching you and listening to what you say.

Sierra Lonepine Briano


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