They can break our signs but not our spirit.

Regarding the First Addition Ninth Street and F Avenue (situation), Ms. Heyser stated to a 30-member committee that her neighbors are in favor of her original idea of six units on the double lot. We are advised to keep up our signs to show those in authority that her neighbors do not approve of that idea.

In a cowardly act in the middle of Saturday night someone broke some of the signs in half and they were lying on the ground. This was a violation of private property. We are even more resolved now to protect the single-family integrity of our neighborhood.

What is single family? Ms. Heyser said that four single persons, for example, could comprise a single family. Would this be called a commune or possibly a boarding house? We do not consider either possibility desirable for our area.

Maggie O'Connor Behrens, who wrote an editorial for The Oregonian does not live in First Addition. She would not have to deal with congestion at her corner. Her children and other pedestrians would not be endangered by all of the added traffic. No precedent for multiple housing would be set for her neighborhood. Ms. Behrens mentioned historic First Addition. Originally was it not one cottage on one lot? If Ms. Heyser loves cottages so much, she can build two cottages on her double lot.

I declined being interviewed by The Oregonian because this is a local matter. It does not concern people throughout Oregon.

We must be vigilant regarding what could become changed in the current codes about Secondary Dwelling Units. We do not want the size increased from the present 800 square feet. Also, according to the current code, the owner must live in either the principal dwelling or the Secondary Dwelling Unit. We do not want that ruling changed. Let us not let this happen.

So, First Addition Neighbors, let us not be apathetic regarding our neighborhood, and sit back and say, 'This cannot happen.' We must be actively involved whether we like it or not.

Remember - spot zoning results in no zoning.

Rosalie Justen is a resident of the First Addition neighborhood in Lake Oswego.

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