Although New Seasons cofounder Eileen Brady says she is only thinking about running for Portland mayor, she has already registered the domain name with

And, if you type in the website, makes it sound like Brady has already decided to enter the race. ' is COMING SOON to REGISTER.COM,' the website reads.

Brady filed a campaign committee called Friends of Eileen Brady on April 29. The filing lists the office as 'Mayor, city of Portland.' Brady's family has loaned the committee $5,000. It has so far spent $436.83 on the website registration, a computer and miscellaneous personal reimbursements.

Mayor Sam Adams has not yet said whether he'll run for re-election. Adams recently reported receiving his first contribution this year, however - $20 in miscellaneous cash.

JTTF hearing highlights

There were many surprises when the City Council finally voted last week to increase the Portland Police Bureau's participation in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. One was that the final agreement was brokered by Commissioner Randy Leonard, who had been the most outspoken critic of the FBI's decision to not involve the police in the investigation into the alleged Christmas tree-lighting ceremony bomb plot.

Another was the American Civil Liberty Union's willingness to support the deal, despite its strident criticism of the FBI's domestic surveillance programs.

Another was Commissioner Amanda Fritz's vote in favor, considering her willingness to be the sole dissenting vote in the past.

But perhaps the biggest surprise was how shocked the opponents seemed when Commissioner Nick Fish said he believed the country faces serious threats from domestic terrorists groups and Al Qaeda. Up until then, none of the critics had mentioned the two major reasons why terrorism task forces have been established across the country during the past 16 years: the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11.

After spending much of the four-hour hearing rehashing the FBI abuses that occurred under J. Edgar Hoover, their disbelief was also obvious when Commissioner Dan Saltzman prefaced his yes vote by saying, '[I]t doesn't do us any good to be sitting here and talking about things that happened 60 years ago or 50 years ago.'

Water fight continues

It didn't take long for the Portland Water Users Coalition to challenge Mayor Sam Adams' claim that his proposed budget saves $3.7 million in water and sewer rate increases.

Adams unveiled his recommended budget for next fiscal year at a Tuesday morning press conference. As part of his presentation, he took credit for reducing the 8.8 percent increase requested by the water and sewer bureaus to 7.8 percent. But by noon, coalition Director Kent Craford issued a press release noting that Adams' proposed budget will still increase water and sewer rates 84.7 percent during the next next five years.

'While Mayor Adams' water rate increase of 84.7 percent is less than the Water Bureau proposed, it is still catastrophic and will hurt Portland businesses and residents struggling in this weak economy,' wrote Craford, whose organization represents such large water users as Siltronic Corp., Widmer Brothers Brewing, Vigor Industrial and Sunshine Dairy.

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