A mistake occurred in information from Tim Warren, president of the Mountain Park Home Owners Association, that appeared in an editor's note in response to a citizen's view in the Feb. 14 Lake Oswego Review.

Warren writes: 'In reviewing the information in today's paper, I noticed an error on my part. The balance of the three reserves at the end of 2007 was $410,873, not $346,934. I'm not sure of your correction policy, but I do not want to misrepresent the numbers.'

Thanks for sharing the Rahman family story

To the Editor:

Thank you Cori Bolger and the Lake Oswego Review for your timely and sensitive Feb. 14 piece, 'Breaking the Cycle,' on Tasneem Rahman.

As a fellow Oregonian, I am proud beyond words of her dedication not only to her faith and her family, but also to the thousands of children in Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and elsewhere who would otherwise face lifetime sentences to poverty and illiteracy.

I have traveled to Pakistan many times over the past quarter century as a mountaineer and as a military officer and diplomat, and I have witnessed firsthand the unbelievable changes that are possible when a people is given the tools -education for one - to raise themselves from hopelessness.

Tasneem and her husband Mohammad, and the One Ummah Foundation are doing what may seem impossible, giving people hope in what some see as hopeless times. Thank you for bringing Tasneem Rahman and her good works to our attention.

Steve Cash


Rebecca Forbes is 'the

angel of Lake Oswego'

To the Editor:

Lake Oswego is very fortunate to have Rebecca Forbes with them, but I was not only fortunate, but also honored to be with Rebecca and the mission team in Ghana in September 2007.

She is not only the angel of Lake Oswego, but the angel in Apam Catholic Hospital, Apam, Africa. To see her move about the hospital and see her taking pictures in the Methodist ABC school, created memories that will last forever.

For anyone that has ever been to Africa, you will find her writings (as seen in the Jan. 31 Lake Oswego Review Neighbors page) brought forth the memories of the villages, the smiles of the people, and the odors of the area.

The trip to Ghana was very emotional, as we tried to help the Africans with education and health, but the Aricans gave us much more, a spiritual way of life and understanding. We are sad that Rebecca will not be with us in body when we return in September, but she will be with us always in mind.

If you have not seen her pictures, it is a must that you go to her Web site: . The mission team, with the help of Rebecca took well over 5,000 pictures and have written journals.

It was an awesome experience for us all, but thank you, Rebecca, for all that you did.

Eldred W. Atkinson

York, Pa.

Here's some food for human thought

To the Editor:

There are two great human motivations: Fear and aspiration. The first we share with the rest of the animal kingdom. The second is for we humans alone. If we endorse the proposition that those who inspire us to aspire are simply charlatans peddling fraud, we will have no one left to motivate us except the fear mongers.

Hank Robb

Lake Oswego

Utility work needs to be completed

To the Editor:

Shell Oil Corporation is exhibiting yet one more example of corporate greed.

As one of the other property and business owners who abut the alley between Second and Third streets, I am directly affected by the city's inability to complete the alley upgrade.

Those of us who have granted easements for utility undergrounding have done so for the betterment of our community. Shell Oil Corporation appears to have no interest in Lake Oswego other than making a profit. It is my understanding that Harry Coleman III does not reside here either.

Shell Oil is a mega-corporation with huge resources to fight our city over this tiny bit of property. The utility vault sits atop a retaining wall and appears to be unusable land. I wonder if $25,000 has any impact on Shell Oil Corporation's bottom line. I do know that the unfinished work is affecting the margins of my parking lot and that the city will benefit from having the utilities under ground and the paving work completed.

Cristina Pera

Owner, The Artisan Custom Framing

Lake Oswego

Mountain Park concerns continue

To the Editor:

Response to Tim Warren, president of the Mountain Park Home Owners Association, comments in last week's Lake Oswego Review:

Point 1 - Financial Information

Still no 2007 year end financial statements available. It is a sad state of affairs when we have a board that asks for an assessment increase without providing financials statement. This is a change alright. A one page operating statement is now available as of last week. Warren refers to this one page as the financials for 2007 are now available. Calling one page financials is a far cry from what financial statements are. Making information available is quite different from providing information. The one page shows a surplus of $364,000 for 2007. Add this to the 2006 surplus, the budget surplus of $299,000 for 2008 and you get over a $1 million.

Warren apparently does not know the difference between operating surpluses and fund balances based upon his comments in last week's Review. (See correction at the front of today's letters). He says fund balances at the end of 2007 are $346,000 apparently inferring that this is the operating surplus. The cash and short-term investments on hand at Nov. 30, 2007 (the latest available information) was $758,000. The difference between $758,000 and $346,000 is $412,000. If the $412,000 does not come from operating surpluses, Warren needs to tell the members where it comes from.

Warren says the financial information I reported in the Review last week is incorrect. The information comes from the financial statements so what can I say.

Point 2 - In House Publication

Rather than provide members with significant information about the association in its publication, Tim Warren leaks the information to the newspapers. Two weeks ago to the Oregonian, an assessment increase in September 2008. Last week to the Review, well over $1.5 million in deferred maintenance. Why is this significant information leaked to the newspapers before the members are informed about them in its own publication? Just does not make sense. This is a change?

Point 3 - Name Change

Calling the facility we have known as the recreation center for 40 years a clubhouse is degrading. Mountain Park is an association, not a club. Check the definition of a clubhouse. Mountain Park does not fit the definition. Why the change?

Tom Schmit

Lake Oswego

'City hall spin' noted in article

To the Editor:

If you wade through the usual city hall spin contained in last week's front page article about paying for the Safeco building, you find two very important facts:

(1) Councilor Donna Jordan is quoted as saying, 'It may be 15 years before the city and the taxpayers decide what they want to put on that property.' Fifteen years we taxpayers could be shelling out at least $500,000 per year in interest only (plus insurance, upkeep, etc.) for a building housing little more than the token things the city has moved there to establish 'squatters rights.'

(2) (Mayor Judie) Hammerstad is quoted as saying she 'has a pretty good idea of what we want to use half of the building for.' This is an astounding admission given that she and the council threatened Safeco with eminent domain condemnation so force sale of the building - a process intended for critical public need.

Spin in the article includes indicating a vote (when city hall finally has the guts to put it in front of the voters) will be to 'decide how to fund the former Safeco building which the city has already purchased for $20 million.' The vote will really be if (not how) the voters want to legitimately fund the purchase by taking on another massive tax obligation in the face of upcoming huge (must-do) obligations for the sewer and water systems - not to mention the possible $100+ million required to actually do anything useful with the Safeco building.

Dave Luck

Lake Oswego

Trail fix is taking too long to happen

To the Editor:

I am one of the scores of people who frequently use the walking trail along the Willamette River from Glenmorrie to Lake Oswego.

I am quite perturbed that it is going on three weeks since the trail has been closed. I walked by the 'slide area' several times when the barriers could be moved and found the trail to be quite stable. If some park workers were sent to clear the culvert so the water could flow under the trail, I wouldn't even need to get my feet wet!

I believe that 'waiting for a geologist's report' is a total over reaction to a simple problem. I also am willing to 'take the risk' and walk the trail. Unfortunately, the city has removed that option by chaining the barriers closed with a padlock. Thanks for watching over me!

Let me know when the sky is falling, would you?

Joan Schoen

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: According to Bonnie Hirshberger, city of Lake Oswego Public Affairs office, 'the city believes the steep bank above the trail is not stable at present, and that additional ground movement could occur as a result of seasonal rainstorms. Therefore, the city will not reopen the trail until potential hazards to trail users are eliminated.' She adds that until the site is deemed safe, 'the city will maintain the fence and signs that close the trail.' While there is no firm date, 'the city remains hopeful that the problem can be corrected so that the trail can reopened in the spring.'

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