by: David F. Ashton, Although young, Ana Vidovic plays classical guitar with a master musician’s touch.

The setting of the recital was the performance space at Portland Classic Guitar, 11923 S.E. McLoughlin Boulevard, a little south of Sellwood in the City of Milwaukie. The concert stage at this event was simple - just lighting, and a bench.

However, only moments after Ana Vidovic began to play, on January 12, the sold-out crowd was captivated by her incredible classical guitar virtuosity. Vidovic played with technical precision, passion, and the soul of an expert musician many times her years.

But her audience was not caught by surprise. It was already expecting a magical, musical experience; Vidovic has released six CDs, and was recently featured on the cover of Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Although the room was filled to capacity, the audience was silent as they listened to melodies - some simple, some extraordinarily complex. The audience enjoyed Vidovic's artistry so much, she received a standing ovation.

After her performance, Vidovic told us she grew up in the small town of Karlovac, near Zagreb, Croatia.'I started playing at age 5, along with my father and brothers. My family is very musical.'

When she was 7 years old, she gave her first public performance; at 11, she was performing internationally. Her reputation in Europe led to an invitation to study at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland; she graduated from the school in 2003.

'I live in Baltimore, now, but I teach and play all over the world,' Vidovic explained.

'I'm so happy doing this because I love playing the guitar,' Vidovic confided with casual grace. 'I love the sound. I love the different possibilities and colors you can produce with guitar. I also love being on stage and sharing music with the audience.'

Asked about her audience at this performance, she said, 'Tonight, it was very special for me. Sometimes you have a good connection with the audience. That happened tonight. They were attentive, calm and quiet. In fact, every time I come to Portland, I always have a nice experience.'

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