Police say alcohol was involved in the late-night weekend rampage
by: , Sydenstricker  and   Cornett

At about 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Theresa Carter's three hours of slumber were shattered by the sound of a half-frozen soda can flying through the window of her Forest Grove home.

Her first thought was that she was going to be the victim of a home invasion.

Her 17-year-old son came racing down the stairs with a baseball bat in hand.

But the culprits quickly drove off, leaving Carter with furniture covered in shattered glass and sticky soda.

'Forest Grove has this Norman Rockwell feel to it, and most of the time I'm here and the doors are unlocked and you're not expecting something like this,' Carter said.

Carter called police, who were already trying to find the suspects. Calls had been coming in from around Forest Grove and Cornelius. All told, nine homes in Forest Grove and a handful of others in Cornelius were vandalized.

At one of those Forest Grove homes the culprits kicked in the front door.

Forest Grove police quickly tracked down the white sedan that contained the trio of Forest Grove teens they say were responsible.

Tyler Sydenstricker, 19, was driving the car. He was charged with attempted Burglary I and four counts of Conspiracy to Commit Crime.

Devan Cornett, 18, was charged with Attempted Burglary I, Criminal Mischief I, and three counts of Criminal Mischief II.

Police also charged a 17-year-old Forest Grove boy with Attempted Burglary I, Criminal Mischief I, and three counts of Criminal Mischief II.

Sydenstricker and Cornett were lodged in Washington County Jail, and the juvenile was released to his parents.

Jeff Williams, interim Forest Grove police chief, said that the trio's crime spree isn't unheard of.

'We've had random times when youth or late-teens have gotten drunk and just kind of gone on this rampage, and sometimes you catch them in progress or it's kind of a whodunit,' Williams said.

Williams said that was the case here, a trio of youngsters involved in an alcohol-related vandalism spree.

Williams said that police are familiar with all three suspects, and there's no indication that the incident is gang-related.

But they're baffled as to why the youths acted.

'What was their motivation? There was no nexus,' Williams said. 'They didn't know anybody who lived in the houses. It was just these random acts.'

For Carter, who's now shuffling through insurance forms and trying to clean up her house as best she can, she's got an idea why her window was shattered, but that doesn't make it easier.

'What would bring somebody to thinking that this is okay?' she asked. 'It's like nobody ever gave them any boundaries.'

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