by: Courtesy Photo, Amy Slatta and her daughter, Luanne Rugebregt, with (from left) Bill Schonley, Dale Schlueter, Bob Gross and the Blazer mascot.

Die-hard Blazer fan Amy Slatta has listened to Trail Blazer broadcasts since 1961, never missing a game. So, the 98-year-old woman was honored Feb. 22 with a big thank you from the Trail Blazer's office.

On hand to meet this special lady at her home at Cornell Estates Retirement and Assisted Living in Hillsboro were players Dale Schlueter, Bob Gross, Blazer mascot and former announcer Bill 'Schonz' Schonely.

Although blind and with limited hearing, Slatta manages to listen to the games by using a radio with ear phones--cranking the volume to its highest setting. She knows the stats and follows her 'boys,' as best she can.

She has two major forms of entertainment--books on tape and the Blazer games. Amy literally counts the months 'til Blazer season and family and friends have learned to schedule evening visits around the Blazer broadcasts!

Amy doesn't venture out much because of her limited sight since she can't see, so the Blazers are one thing that keeps her going

Of her recent Blazer visit, she said, 'This is just wonderful. I love the Blazers so.'

- Landa Carlson

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