No need to go home just yet

Kids enjoy after school enrichment classes on Wednesdays
by: Garth Guibord, Fourth-grade student Riley Blake, left, kicks the ball before he runs to first base in a game of kickball Wednesday, Feb. 27.

Wednesdays are unique days at Kelso Elementary School; the learning doesn't stop. For six weeks in spring each year, kids can expand their horizons in a variety of enrichment classes, taught by an assortment of community volunteers.

With classes that include everything from sewing and cooking to dodgeball and cheering, students are psyched to be at school.

'Other school stuff you do in class, you have to do everything silently, and it's not as much fun,' said fourth grader Austin Parry as he took a break from a game of kickball. '(Here) we can be loud and have fun with other friends.'

Third grader Lexie Entenman wanted to take the sewing class 'because I learned something from my grandmother; she taught me hand sewing and buttons. I wanted to know more about it, so I came here.

'I like when you're all done and it looks pretty.'

In another class, a group of students works on scrapbooking, which requires skills such as photography and journaling.

'I started to do it with my mom about a year ago,' said fifth grader Amanda Cloutier of the class. 'I didn't know how to do the embellishments before.'

The classes also teach a little something to the community members who come out and teach these eager learners.

'I'm real pleased that they're anxious to learn because you can't learn too soon,' said Ruth Brisbine, a Sandy Avamere resident who teaches students about sewing.

'I didn't realize that they were going to be so hyper,' said Becca Reed, 17, a Sandy High School junior who teaches a physical education class and wants to be a pediatrician. 'With a P.E. class, you thought I maybe would have put two and two together.'