Letters, March 5


Limerick from the UK

Just a short note from England to wish you well with your limerick verse competition. I honestly doubt the form originated in Ireland as many suggest, but I am sure it was indeed on British shores. It is that location that prevents me from bringing one of my limericks along to your event. However…

There once was a man 'cross the pond,

Of lim'ricks exceedingly fond.

His greatest desire,

Was to send one by wire

(Plus a lottery win and a blonde).


Stockon-on-Tees, United Kingdom

Be careful around town

I recently tried to walk more than 3 blocks in the city and found it more than difficult. I had to re-route more than a handful of times and did not feel safe with any barriers put up. I can't wait for this undergrounding project to be done. I would suggest anybody walking taking extra precaution around all the construction areas.



Make style make sense

Why not ask some of your local professionals for their input (regarding Sandy Style's application to a new high school)? It could be that local materials or suppliers may have a distinct advantage over a ship-it-from-the-cookie-cutter-factory-in-Seattle mentality.

I personally do not want a totem pole from Alaska, a concrete monument symbolic of the World Trade Center or a statue of some politically correct figure looking over my community.

Build a school to be proud of - unique, but not a controversial statement. It is for public learning, not a mission quest or a sign of our times. Don't accept the Portland model. Let it be an example of the city heritage, not a tombstone for future generations.