Sandy skier Steven Brown has been the top racer in the Mount Hood Conference this season, but he has one more thing he would like to accomplish before the state meet is over this weekend.

'I am so focused on state this weekend that I can't think about anything else right now,' Brown said while standing outside of Sandy High School recently.

Brown says his experience in competitive racing has helped and makes him a little stronger than most skiers.

His training regimine, short circuit track racing and a lot of cardio work, make him one of the strongest skiers in the area as a junior. He also is one of the most intelectial racers around.

'When I get on the course, I am totally focused the mountain and my skiing,' Brown said. 'I get so focused on the actual course that I know what I need to do and how it needs to be done.'

Brown won the combined individual Mount Hood Ski League title, finishing 80 points ahead of the second place finisher.

'I had a pretty good year but I want to improve and hopefully I can ski more consistently next year,' Brown said. 'But, that can wait and all I can focus on is state this weekend.'

Brown has been skiing since he could walk and has spent lots of time on the mountain. He started with Mighty Mites, a skiing only program for 5-6 year olds, and rates that a second to his junior season at Sandy.

'It's just really fun and I enjoy skiing all the time plus I get to spend with my teammates,' Brown said. 'We all get along so well and are all friends.

Brown excels in the classroom almost as well as he does on the mountain. Brown has a 3.44 grade point average and takes pride in his grades.

'Right now, skiing is the most important thing to me, but my grades will take me further in life,' Brown said. 'It takes a few late nights, usually a half hour of math alone, but I work hard to maintain my (grade point average).'

Brown helped lead the Sandy boys team to their sixth consecutive Mount Hood Conference championship. The Pioneers won five of the six team races this season.

'We work hard and we ski harder,' Brown said. 'We all push each other to do better and take pride in the wins.'

Brown said that while he enjoys his time skiing, he does have days where it's hard to get motivated.

'I get tired when we are doing camps and training everyday,' Brown said. 'Fortunately for me, my team mates and the coaches make it fun and it helps take your mind off of it.'

Brown said that while he is considered one of the top racers, it can be used to his advantage.

'Being one of the top racers, everyone is looking at everything about you,' Brown said with a smile on his face. 'They look for things that could disqualify you and everyone gets very sneaky.'

He says he uses it to his advantage each week on the mountain.

'Races come down to a tenth of a second, so to know that everyone is coming after you it makes me just want to get down the mountain faster.'

The Sandy boys and girls ski team will compete in the state ski meet Thursday March 6 and Friday March 7 at Mt. Hood Ski Meadows.

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