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Lake Oswego's Allen Alley announced his candidacy Wednes-day for Oregon State Treasurer.

Alley was chairman and CEO of Pixelworks before accepting the offer to serve as deputy chief of staff to Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

'We desperately need people with business experience in government. Certain changes simply cannot be accomplished if the only perspective is that of the stagnant bureaucracy of complacency.'

'If people like me don't step up and commit to change the status quo, then we are leaving the fate of our state in the hands of career politicians. I am not willing to do that,' said Alley.

Alley has been identified as one of the most admired CEOs in Oregon (Portland Business Journal, 2005) and was called the Tech Executive of the Year in 2002 (Portland Business Journal). Pixelworks, the company he helped found and led for 10 years, was started with five friends who chipped in $10,000 from personal savings and credit cards to launch their vision of a world-class semiconductor company.

'Business by its nature is about changing and adapting to new realities,' said Alley. 'Government, on the other hand, is far from adaptable and at worst is deeply invested in the status quo. We need leaders who can bring new ideas and energy to change Oregon.

'I promise to be that type of leader.'

In 2004, he was awarded with the Governor's Oregon Community Involvement Award.

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