What would you do if you found a wallet, wad of cash?


The question is always out there for each person: What would you do if you saw a wallet lying in the road in plain view?

What if there was money in it?

What if it was a substantial amount of cash?

For most people those are unasked questions, but a West Linn woman had to answer all three questions last Monday afternoon.

Deanette Marvin of the Hidden Springs neighborhood was walking near Carriage Way and Rawhide when she spotted a wallet in the roadway. She picked it up and turned it in to the West Linn Police Department.

Officer John Huntsman looked through the wallet in an attempt to find identification and return it to its rightful owner.

Inside was more than $2,000.

Huntsman was able to find a cell phone number for the owner.

When Huntsman contacted the man he asked if he was missing anything, and he replied his wallet. When he learned the money was still in it, he was shocked, according to the officer.

'We were both stunned that the money was still in the wallet, ' Huntsman said.

The man told Officer Huntsman that he had been out collecting rent from some properties, and had stopped in West Linn (Carriage Way) to bid a job.

That's when he lost the wallet.

'We all know West Linn has great schools, low crime, amazing parks and the like,' said Police Chief Terry Timeus, 'but what really makes it a wonderful place to live is people like Mrs. Marvin who did the right thing without a second thought.'