by: , St. Helens Superintendent Patricia Adams withdrew her candidacy from the Longview School District to serve as that district's superintendent, a fact not acknowledged by the district board president when contacted Thursday.

Patricia Adams, superintendent for the St. Helens School District, withdrew her name from a three-person pool of candidates for the superintendent post in the Longview School District on Feb. 26.

'The board is well aware that I had withdrawn,' Adams said of the Longview School District Board on Friday morning.

Adams said she withdrew in writing on Feb. 26, and gave a verbal notice on Feb. 28.

Adams remains in the running for positions at two schools in Massachusetts, said St. Helens Board President Terri Burns on Friday.

On Thursday, March 6, the president for the Longview board, Jennifer Leach, mentioned Adams by name as a candidate still in the running for the position when contacted by the Spotlight.

Leach made the report the day following a three-plus-hour closed meeting of the Longview board on Wednesday, March 5.

A story published on on Thursday morning reported that Adams was still a candidate, which is not true.

Adams said school boards have the perogative during labor negotiations to withhold information that could jeopardize the process, and said she finds no fault with that board.

'That is something the board has a right to do,' Adams said.

She also said she has been forthright with the St. Helens board about her carreer intentions.

'My board knew when I withdrew, and that is official notice to my board,' she said.

Since Adams' withdrawal, a second candidate for the Longview position, Kristine McDuffy, also withdrew on Feb. 28, accepting a position at the Arlington School District, near Everett, Wash.

Only one candidate, Arthur Himmler, remains in the running for the Longview job.

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