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Of course, they won't admit it, but a few political heavyweights who've endorsed Sam Adams for mayor currently are working behind the scenes for his chief opponent, Sho Dozono. Among them - former mayor (and Adams' one-time boss) Vera Katz, who reportedly has been giving campaign advice. … Who knows, maybe they're just covering their bets. … Faithful reader David Kemp says he enjoyed Sunday's baseball game at PGE Park between the Beavers and the University of Georgia. However, he couldn't help noticing that the big neon sign at the northwest corner of the stadium seemed to have a few letters that weren't working - leaving only the word 'ark'. … Is this suitable, Kemp asks, for a stadium named after one of our finer electrical utilities?

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The inimitable Frank Nudo already may have retired from the hot dog business - he slipped out last week, a month earlier than planned - but Nick's Famous Coney Island may go on forever and ever. … Nothing final yet, but the new owners reportedly are considering a proposal to keep the Hawthorne eatery pretty much as is - sports memorabilia and all. … The only major difference - besides putting a pool table in the back - would be a life-size mural of Nudo and his longtime sidekick, the late Kenny Kell, or 'the Commander,' as he was affectionately known. Hope it all works out. … The current NW Examiner has a nice piece by Mike Ryerson on Bob Shores, who retired last month after 40-some years as owner and operator of the gas station at Northwest 21st Avenue and Lovejoy Street. Shores bought the place in 1967 when gas was - hard as it is to imagine - less than 30 cents a gallon. … Ryerson ends: 'Thanks for the jumper cables, the gas cans and the thousands of S and H Green Stamps to take home and lick.'

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OK, so maybe I got carried away with all those eight- and 10-legged frogs in Gresham. Hardly much of an argument for or against rebuilding the Sellwood Bridge anyway. Chalk it up as one of those days when the responses were better than the column. … As one reader noted: 'Why should we in Multnomah County have car registration fees doubled so a bunch of people from Clackamas County can get downtown on the Sellwood Bridge. After all,' he notes, '80 percent of the people crossing the bridge are from Clackamas County.' Anybody for a toll bridge?

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Graphic artist Stephen Sasser says he just got a city notice for a 'Public Art Opportunity' on the 'Clinton Street Bike Boulevard Project.' … Seems the Regional Arts and Culture Council and the city's famed transportation bureau are going to pay $70,000 to come up with new variations on the stick bike figures you see in bike lanes around town. … You know, like the one in front of the Benson Hotel with a martini glass in his hand - except, of course, it isn't there any more. It was painted out by order of the transportation commissioner because it wasn't politically correct enough. … Well, at least we know our public officials are looking out for us. That's something.

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