Reader doesn't like personal story on mayor

I usually don't like to start a letter with the word I, but I will make an exception. I read The Oregonian recently and on the front page was an article about Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis.

For what it's worth Shane, I was appalled as usual, with The Oregonian. I truly am sorry you are having personal problems in your life right now, none of which are anyone's business but you and your family. I feel your pain and will say a prayer for all of you. Please note, there is a difference between politics and someone's personal life.

I can only hope and pray that The Oregonian and The Outlook do not try to put their nose where it does not belong to satisfy their own self worth.

Arlene Easly


Piluso will represent East County well

We have a great opportunity to elect a Multnomah County Commissioner who can increase the focus of attention and resources on East County's growing needs. With nearly 30 years of distinguished public service, Carla Piluso has demonstrated her character, capability and commitment. Carla Piluso has a thorough understanding of East County issues, and the depth and breadth of experience to make a difference.

As a native Portlander, and a longtime East County resident and community advocate, Carla Piluso is the best choice to represent District 4 as Multnomah County Commissioner.

Lesli Leone Uebel


Centennial High School play a must see

There is a high school play you can't miss this weekend (7:30 p.m. March 13-15). 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' presented by Centennial High School Performing Arts Department creates an evening of quality entertainment.

Attending most of the musicals by Centennial over the past 25 years, I must say that this is one of the best. Judging from past performances, where one or two individuals carried the show, this year there are at least a dozen strong voices and personalities that stand out. A special thanks to Kellie McCarty for her gifts of discovering talents before the students even know they have 'it' and choosing a musical that places each talent with the correct character.

Way to go Centennial High School. You all deserve 'broken legs' as far as I'm concerned.

Barb Topham

Retired Centennial Elementary teacher


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