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Lake Oswego resident Gretchen Schauffler, the founder of Devine Color, sits in front of a wall lined with various home decoration ideas she uses for her company. Her line of paints was recently picked up by Miller Paint.

In 2001, Lake Oswego resident Gretchen Schauffler started what she assumed would be a small business venture. Very small.

Something she could do part-time as a stay-at-home mom. She began as a color coordinator, helping people with their home decorating projects.

By 2003 her business, Devine Color, had gone national as she teamed with Miller Paint to create an entire line of unique paints that she claims, 'once you try, you won't go back.'

Schauffler has been an artist for years but never thought much about going into business until she kept receiving compliments and encouragement from friends she helped out.

'Everybody makes mistakes with paint, and I think those fears become imbedded in our psyche. I just gave confidence and helped these people figure out what they already knew,' Schauffler said.

So, when she began Devine Color, she focused on creating a unique, user-friendly paint that is known for its high-quality finish.

'I wanted a paint that went on like yogurt and looked like chiffon,' Schauffler said.

Miller Paint soon picked up the line, and the word of mouth allowed the company to go national not long afterward. When the line was perfected, Schauffler stuck her hand into the can of paint to make sure it had the texture she was looking for.

'It spreads like a dream,' she said. 'The word of mouth was so strong that we had to go national. And it's just fun to paint with.'

Devine Color also recently came out with a new line of paint called Devine Green, which is environmentally friendly. And, in May, a new flora and fauna line will be released for Devine Green. The company is also venturing into providing window dressings as well.

For Schauffler, her passion still lies with helping customers make color decisions.

Schauffler and other 'color consultants' with Devine Color are available to give advice on what might work in different spaces.

'Our colorists leave their own tastes at the door,' Schauffler said.

With the success of Devine Color, the business has also dramatically revamped its Web site, Customers can check out products or schedule consultations on the site.

Schauffler has also written a book entitled: 'Devine Color: When Color Sings.'

'I try to live a very balanced life. I'm just thrilled at how things have taken off,' Schauffler said.

Devine Color is located at 668 McVey Ave., No. 81, in Lake Oswego and can be reached by calling 503-387-5840.

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