It often helps a police officer to be in the right place at the right time. That's why patrolling is a part of every officer's day.

Last Thursday (March 6) just after 5:30 p.m. Officer Jim Doolittle was driving up the steep Summit Street hill between Skyline Drive and Rosemont Road when he saw at the top of the hill a black SUV spinning its wheels and driving in a circle while three vehicles waited at the intersection.

The cloud of blue smoke coming from the SUV's rear tire was a clue to the reckless driving as well as the fact that the vehicle crossed both lanes as it circled the intersection.

Doolittle turned on his lights and siren, passed the vehicles waiting at the stop sign and pursued the SUV as it sped down Rosemont Road.

The SUV was later determined to be driven by Joseph Ivan Stowers, 20, 5955 West A St. In an attempt to elude the officer, Stowers quickly turned down Ridge Lane, which becomes a gravel road before it goes back to pavement near Wild Rose Drive.

This area is more densely populated, and Doolittle slowed as he approached the neighborhood. The driver sped past an adult and four children standing on a sidewalk in the 3000 block of Ridge Lane. As the officer passed them, they pointed west in the direction of the SUV. Stowers then turned south on Wild Rose Drive and passed another child on the sidewalk.

Doolittle was able to get behind the vehicle as it came to the intersection of Wild Rose Drive and Parker Road.

While Doolittle and Officer Jason Dolan were conducting an investigation, several neighbors came up to offer witness statements regarding the reckless manner that Stowers had driven through their neighborhood.

Stowers was arrested and lodged at the Clackamas County Jail for felony attempt to elude in a vehicle and misdemeanor reckless driving. He was held in lieu of $22,500 bail.

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