Talented Twality artists excel at Scholastic Art Awards

The works of Kristina Kilgour and Arianna Husband are being judged at the national level
by: Barbara Sherman, OFF TO NATIONALS — The works of Twality Middle School eighth-graders Kristina Kilgour (left) and Arianna Husband, which won Gold Key awards at the local level, have been copied and forwarded to the national Scholastic Art Awards competition.

TIGARD - Some Twality Middle School art students are resting on their laurels, briefly, after winning awards at the recent Scholastic Art Awards sponsored by the Oregon Arts Education Association.

The program recognizes young artists in grades seven through 12, and this year's event included 80 volunteers and 26 jurors who reviewed 2,100 pieces of art created by 700 students from 57 schools, according to Twality art teacher Sue Hargrave.

Two of her students - eighth-graders Kristina Kilgour and Arianna Husband - won Gold Key awards, and copies of their works have been sent on to the national competition.

'The (local) work is juried at the regional level according to national standards and criteria,' Hargrave said. 'The art goes through a 'blind adjucation,' which is also how it works at the national level.'

Kristina's winning work was a photograph of her sister's eye, which she altered to add glitter and color inside the iris as well as the reflection of a car.

Arianna used tempera to create a sort of M.C. Escher-style painting showing the universe contained in a mind and body.

Two eighth-graders - Binh Nguyen and Anna Clare Conway - won Silver Key awards.

Nguyen took a photograph through a soda bottle and enhanced it to show sunlight streaming through it and the sky in the background.

Anna Clare's entry was a close-up photo of a hydrangea in her family's yard.

Seventh-grader Emily Brown won an honorable mention as did eighth-graders Kilgour, Nguyen, Ashley Borntrager, Haley Flake, Emma Johnson and Lauren Robezniaks.

Brown did a watercolor painting of a woman studying different countries' flags, while Haley created a portrait of a little girl in graphite.

Emma did a self-portrait in watercolor using a glue-contour technique, Lauren also used the glue-contour technique in the creation of a flower, and Ashley did an op art painting of a profile in bright colors.

'All these students are talented and unbelievably wonderful people,' Hargrave said. 'I am so thrilled for these students. It is such an honor to work with dedicated and creative young artists.

'Those who participated took a step to put themselves out there - that takes so much courage and (is) something I would have been too scared to do at their age. We have incredible problem-solvers at our school - that's what creating is all about.'