Two good candidates should stay that way


Firefighter Greg Matthews' decision to challenge state Rep. John Lim, R-Gresham was the only real excitement produced as the deadline to run for state office passed this week.

Matthews, a Democrat who has been highly involved in the community for years, will run an aggressive, ground-level campaign against Lim, who won't be an easy target - even in a year that looks tough for Republicans at all levels.

As we view the two candidates for Lim's seat, we start with a definite bias: We like both of them. Lim and Matthews are both moderate people with good intentions and a demonstrated compassion for others.

We hope this election can be decided based upon who would be most effective in the Legislature - and not determined by who is most adept at digging up trash on his opponent and displaying it for all to see.

Both Matthews and Lim have strong rationales for their candidacies.

They should run on those strengths and recognize that the person who works the hardest and connects with the most people one-on-one will be the ultimate victor.