Letters to the Editor for March 19


Owner was staple of Rockwood triangle area

The Rockwood Business Coalition would like to thank Darwin Seim for his efforts in Rockwood and pass on our sorrow that Mr. Transmission has closed. The community was very happy when Darwin Seim invested in a big property on Stark Street and 185th Avenue and opened Mr. Transmission/Mr. T Milex. Darwin jumped right into the community state of mind and began learning about the area and volunteering his time to better the area.

Darwin served on the Rockwood/Gresham Redevelopment Citizen Advisory Committee, was active in the Gresham Chamber and invited the community into his home to hold local meetings, learn about the community or visit. He was, in some ways, the eyes in the triangle since he had the best view of everything going on.

This past week, Darwin closed his doors for good. For many years Darwin upheld the building and hoped for better business days, but he could hold out no more. We thank Darwin for his selfless efforts. For Rockwood to become a thriving area and for our businesses to survive, we ask everyone to consider patronizing businesses in this area and hope that the other good business owners who invest in Rockwood can see their dreams of a successful business come true.


Chairwoman and vice-chairwoman of the Rockwood Business Coalition Board

Piluso clearly the best commissioner candidate

Carla Piluso is the clear choice for Multnomah County Commissioner.

She has been an unshakable voice for our community and now it's time for her to represent us. Carla knows what this community needs, and she knows how to keep us safe. She has spent the last 29 years in the police department making sure that our kids are safe; now it's time for her to make sure our county is safe.

I know that we have a good candidate in Carla Piluso. She knows what we need and she's going to go out there and get it.

Bill Willmes


Negative news is getting a little old

Today's news from the major networks are full of negative thinking. Americans and the world population are in a crisis of negativity. We are what we read. Information coming from the East Coast, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc., is becoming more negative by the day.

It is now best to ignore all this negativity and look for more optimism in our local area. We all know that misery invites company. Misery has attracted a lot of attention these days. As if we have become a sadistic world where only the negative and negative people are given attention. To 'kill the messenger' would be a good notion to live by.

People cannot continue to crucify themselves by reading the news for much longer. People have had enough of Spitzer, Wall Street and the war in Iraq. Giving negativity all of our attention leads us to nowhere. People have had a bellyfull of Washington, D.C., and the like.

Optimism is in short supply and in order to increase optimism is to focus less on negativism and let those people spiral down amongst themselves. I, for one, don't want to be a party to it. Ignoring it and turning off the TV will be the answer for a better future. I have bottomed out and am now only looking skyward.



Casino doesn't make sense in Cascade Locks

My family has lived in Cascade Locks since 1994 and has been here since the beginning of the casino proposal. It hasn't been appealing from the start, and the more I learn about it the more it appalls me. Here are some overwhelming numbers, and I ask you to consider how will this benefit the community.

3 million visitors a year

8,000-plus visitors a day

1,700 employees a day

That's almost 10,000 people a day to a town of about 1,100 people!

The casino itself will be

585,000 square feet

6 stories high (the height of the Rose Garden Sports Arena)

5 Portland city blocks (that's one block larger than the Lloyd Center)

250 room 5-star hotel

2,622 gaming positions - including an off track betting parlor with more than 1,000 dining room and bar seats (almost enough for all of the residents of Cascade Locks)

3,700 parking spaces

In addition to this, all of the freeway ramps that exist today will be closed due to Oregon Department of Transportation spacing standards. The only ramp left will be the one to and from the casino. When there is an accident, all travelers and emergency crews will be landlocked with no alternate routes except possibly SR14.

Finally, all sorts of money is being promised through Tribal Revenue Sharing and the Community Benefit Fund, but that will disappear if any non-tribal casino is built (as is being proposed in Wood Village) or if any tribal casino is opened within seven years of this one. The compact that the governor signed with Warm Springs is full of 'mays.' They may pay for this or that. Don't you wish you could sign a contract like that? - I 'may' pay my house payment then let's see how long I will be able to live in it. We as a community, state and country are powerless to enforce any of the compact. The Warm Springs Indians are their own sovereign government nation, bound only by their rules and whims, no matter whose signature is on the document. So, I ask you again, how will any of this truly benefit any community?

Tiffany Pruit

Cascade Locks

Powell's death could lead to helpful law

As we come up on the second anniversary of the tragic hit and run death of Kimberly Powell, it is important to again praise Multnomah County Detective Jay Pentheny and Gresham Detective Jason Servo for giving some closure to her family.

Every year, nearly 1,000 innocent pedestrians are murdered by hit-and-run drivers and close to 18,000 others manage to cling on to life after being left for dead. In many cases, passengers in the offending car are witness to the felony and are under an obligation to lift a finger to help a fellow human being. I say that if it is a privilege to drive a car, it is also a privilege to ride in one. Thus passengers of the offending hit-and-run vehicle must be made to call 9-1-1 or seek help for hit-and-run victims in a reasonable time or face prosecution.

Obviously, a 10-year-old could not be held to that standard of citizenship. But until we encourage passengers to be good citizens, hit-and-run drivers will continue to flee and sober up and leave good people to die. This concept is so basic that I wonder why no state has incorporated it. But if the good people of Oregon would be the first state in the nation to adopt such a law, you might call it Kimberly's Law.

Joseph Rene DuPont

Towanda, Pa.

World should know, care about child soldiers

I am a senior in Centennial Learning Center. This year my class has learned about the worldwide problem of child soldiers. We have just finished reading a story called 'A Long Way Gone' by former child soldier Ishmael Beah. This story tells a very in-depth tale of Ishmael's life as a child soldier and how he survived this horrible time of his life. Children in his country were sometimes forced to join the Sierra Leone Army or the Revolutionary United Front as a means to survive.

Why should child soldiers stop? Why is there even such a thing as child soldiers? To many people, this concern is rather disturbing to even think about, let alone talk about, which is why a lot of the world remains ignorant to this atrocious act. Unfortunately, in this world there are people who recruit children to be soldiers. Children are the most innocent, gullible and easily manipulated beings, for they know no better. The use of child soldiers needs to stop for the sake of children and the future of this world.

As a respected newspaper, I believe that you can make a difference when the people get fully informed about the situation that our world is in. My class would like to see The Gresham Outlook report on the issue of child soldiers, and assist in fundraising events that could help rehabilitate former child soldiers.

Jessica M. Wickstrom