Chamber awards are announced on Wednesday night
by: , Jack and Jeanne Radow

Lake Oswego is blessed with many outstanding volunteers, but they have one drawback.

They are reluctant to be recognized for all of their fine work.

But on Wednesday night they were honored anyway at the annual Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet.

Jack and Jeanne Radow received the Bob Bigelow Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dan Heine received the Community Leader of the Year Award.

'These are the kind of people we like to honor,' said Jerry Wheeler, chamber executive director. 'They say, 'It's not about me.' They say they're part of the bigger picture.'

Jack Radow actually requested that he not be honored, but his presenter Peter Glazer insisted.

'You are usually appreciated more than you need to be,' Jack Radow said. 'We would rather do what we do in an unobtrusive manner.'

'It's very strange,' Jeanne Radow said. 'You don't feel you deserve it.'

But members of the Lake Oswego community very much feel otherwise.

Other outstanding community contributors receiving recognition included:

* Chamber Champion - Mike Buck.

* Denton Small Business Award - Arrowhead Mortgage.

* Denton Large Business Award - West Coast Bank.

* Rookie of the Year - Carol Gaouette of Umpqua Bank.

* Networker of the Year - Carolee Neighorn of Carman Oaks.

* Headlee Beautification Award - The Stafford.

If Dan Heine had a nickname it should be 'Mr. Positive.' In a short time, he has had a huge impact on this city.

Heine's presenter Dr. Dale Rhoney, had plenty of praise for the president of The Bank of Oswego.

'Dan has been a noticeably outstanding person since his arrival in Lake Oswego,' Rhoney said. 'His participation has been valuable since he is a born leader, a person with vision and a strategic viewpoint.'

Heine has been especially active in the chamber, including service as president. He currently serves as a vice president and member of the executive board.

Heine also has time to serve on the Lakewood Center of the Arts Board of Directors and the Christie Care School Board. He provides his services as a mentor in several venues.

'Dan is the type of person that joins a group and in a short time he becomes recognized as a worker and a leader,' Rhoney said. 'Before you know it, he is running the organization.

'Dan's only problem is that there is not enough of him to go around. His heart is big and his willingness is evident.'

Rhoney noted that Heine has a pattern of achievement and recognition wherever he has been, including Illinois and Washington.

'Dan has been a 'former this and a former that' everywhere he has been,' Rhoney said. 'Here has been no different. We can certainly be proud to present him with the Lake Oswego Community Leader of the Year Award for 2008.'

Jack and Jeanne Radow used the occasion of their retirement in the late 1970s to work even harder in the community. The couple worked for various civic and arts causes, but it is for their work with the Lake Oswego City Library that they will be fondly remembered.

'Reading has always been our favorite indoor and outdoor sport,' Jeanne said. 'It's our favorite pastime. We were always students, always readers.'

It was Jack who gave the library a financial shot in the arm that forever changed its outlook. By helping to start the Booktique in Mercantile Village in 1987, Jack helped the library reach the $1 million mark in used books sold in 2007.

Even today, Jack shows up at the Booktique once a week to wait on customers. He has also been active in library volunteerism on the county and state levels.

For their work with the library, the Radows have the great appreciation of library Director Bill Baars.

'Jack and Jeanne Radow have been instrumental in the success of Lake Oswego's award-winning public library and key figures in the intellectual and cultural development of our community,' Baars said. 'I rely on Jeanne and Jack for their support and advice regarding programs, materials and services as the library successfully moves into the 21st century.'

'I guess we're both stuck with a work ethic and a New England conscience,' Jeanne said. 'There are lots of opportunities and lots of volunteer jobs that suit you.'

To the Radows, volunteerism is simply what Americans do.

'Americans love to volunteer,' Jack said. 'So many organizations would not be afloat without volunteers. You always know you're needed.'

'I venture to say that these two persons have done more for our library than any other,' Glazer said in his presentation.

'Bob Bigelow (former Lake Oswego Review publisher who died in 2000) can only be with us tonight in spirit, but I have a good idea that he would say now, 'Great job, Jack and Jeanne. Thank you so much for all that you do. You're the best.''

Wheeler gave his hearty agreement.

'By honoring these people, we honor all of our great volunteers,' he said. 'It's very hard to choose the people we honor. So many of them deserve it.'

Some of Dan Heine's accomplishments include:

* Founder and director of The Bank of Oswego.

* Director of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce.

* Director and co-founder of Today's Bank in Vancouver, Wash.

* Chairman and CEO of two banks in Illinois.

* Director and past chairman of Oregon State University School of Education Advisory Board.

* Recipient of many awards for his contributions to business in Illinois, Washington and Oregon.

Some of Jack Radow's accomplishments include:

* Chairman of the Library Board of Trustees.

* Named to National Advocacy Honor Roll by American Library Association for Library Trustees and Advocates.

* Secretary of the Oregon Institute of Literary Arts.

* Worked for passage of library levy in 1997.

* One of founders of Booktique.

* Honorary life membership from the Oregon Library Association.

Some of Jeanne Radow's accomplishments include:

* Served as tutor for children through Oasis service.

* City of Lake Oswego Distinguished Service Award for work on Arts Commission.

* Served on Lake Oswego Library Board.

* Coordinator for Friends of the Library Cultural Series.

* Reed College committee member coordinating the Bragdon scholarship.

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