County shooting range donates cereal to those in need
by: Patrick Sherman, Public Range Supervisor Wayne Burgin stacks up his latest haul of cereal for the Clackamas Service Center. One of these is the 1,000th box to be delivered to needy families in Clackamas.

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts announced this week that the indoor public shooting range located at the Public Safety Training Center had donated its 1,000th box of breakfast cereal to the needy.

'This milestone marks a real accomplishment for the staff at PSTC,' said Roberts. 'I'm just so proud of them for taking the initiative and creating this program to benefit people who are hungry right here in Clackamas County.'

Public Range Supervisor Wayne Burgin explained that every Thursday is 'Cereal Night' at the range. Shooters can bring a box of cereal and receive a $10 discount off the normal $15 lane fee.

'We wanted to give something back to the community,' explained Burgin. 'We talked to the Clackamas Service Center and asked them what they needed. They said, 'Breakfast cereal - nobody ever gives us breakfast cereal.''

The donations have been a boon to the hundreds of hungry families who pick up emergency food boxes from the center, according to organizer Joyce Rollins.

'We really appreciate Wayne bringing in all that cereal,' she said. 'It's hard to keep cereal here, and I like to put it in every single food box I send out, if I can.

'A box of cereal will feed a family of five or six. A can of pork and beans, for example, really only feeds one person.'

Burgin made his first delivery in February 2006, and returns to the center about once a month with another carload of cereal.

'I take it down when the pile gets so big that I have trouble walking into the armory,' he said.

The sheriff's office took over the PSTC from Clackamas Community College in 2004. The range has enjoyed a string of uninterrupted sales increases in all but one month since.

'We've made the PSTC strong, so it's appropriate that we share that strength with those who are less fortunate,' said Roberts.

Fast Facts

The Public Safety Training Center maintains a 10-lane indoor public shooting range. Rental guns are available for $4 apiece to shooters who bring a working firearm with them. Clean fire ammunition is used to reduce exposure to toxic substances and heavy metals, and must be purchased on site. The center is located at 12700 S 82nd Avenue, Clackamas, OR 97015; 503-353-4644;

Clackamas Service Center

The service center is a private, non-profit social service agency operated by the United Way. It provides emergency food boxes and hot meals to hungry and homeless residents. Other programs, including free HIV testing, free clothing and household goods and a community basket are also available. Public donations are welcome. Contact them at 503-771-7914 or visit

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