Could health clinic money fund education?

Why is our school district getting into the healthcare business? I'm all for affordable health care for everyone, but why not leave health-care delivery to the health-care industry and education to the education industry? We already have health services for uninsured and underinsured people in this area. Can't students access those services?

Just because grant money is available for low income health-care services doesn't mean that our public school system should be getting into that business. Plus, I find it unlikely that the initial grant will be sufficient to build a building and pay for ongoing costs (including liability insurance, staffing, equipment/supplies, etc.). What happens when the grant runs out or is decreased? How much of the money that is supposed to be earmarked for public education will end up being spent on health-care services?

I urge the school board to rethink this plan. The grant money should be given to local health-care providers who can use it to expand existing services.

Patrice Spath

Forest Grove