Neil Armstrong eighth-graders win special award at Intel science expo

Honored - Graham Connell and Liam Cooper earn kudos for their project on glaciers

Two Neil Armstrong Middle School eighth-graders, Graham Connell and Liam Cooper, earned a special award for their entry in the 2008 Intel Northwest Science Expo at Portland State University March 14.

For their project, titled 'The Effect of Glacier Melting on the Position and Flow Rate of the Gulf Stream,' the students garnered the Outstanding Forest Science Project award.

'I guess (the judge) just took a shine to their project,' said Neil Armstrong science teacher Paul Burnett.

It was the first time students from the Forest Grove School District had entered the expo, said Beth Wilbur, TAG facilitator and a teacher on special assignment at Neil Armstrong.

Most of the students who exhibited at the event attend private schools.

'I'd like to see more of our kids there in the future - it's really worthwhile,' said Burnett, who spent 30 to 40 hours working with Connell and Cooper.