Lake Oswego Police will conduct pedestrian safety enforcement between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 16. It will be at Fifth Street and A Avenue.

Police held a similar enforcement action on Feb. 27, and gave out 31 citations.

Police were criticized by some drivers who received citations, saying that it was a sting operation and they had a difficult time seeing the decoy officer used to cross at Fifth and A. Police Lt. Douglas Treat responds to those criticisms in a citizen's view on page A4 of this week's Review.

At the Feb. 27 exercise, police gave out tickets for failing to stop and remain stopped for pedestrians and passing a stopped vehicle at a crosswalk.

Drivers are required to stop for a pedestrian attempting to cross a crosswalk, until the pedestrian is on the sidewalk or at least one lane adjacent to the lane the driver is stopped in. The driver cannot pass a car going in the same direction, that is stopped at the crosswalk. Such violations have a fine of $242.

Police said their desire with the pedestrian safety enforcement action is not to write citations, but to raise awareness about pedestrians attempting to cross streets.

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