Gresham city manager gets praise, raise

Council says Erik Kvarsten 'exceeds expectations'
by: File photo, Erik Kvarsten

The Gresham City Council on Tuesday, March 18, gave City Manager Erik Kvarsten a 17.8 percent merit pay raise, saying he 'exceeds expectations' in his annual performance review.

'The council gave Erik exemplary marks for his leadership and high quality of service,' said Council President Paul Warr-King. 'Erik is focused on results and his support of the council's work plan is taking the city in a new direction.'

Kvarsten was rated on his ability to exhibit positive performance in six core competencies: quality of service, respect and community, learning and development, focus on results, performance management and leadership.

The summary evaluation document stated that, 'Overall, the mayor and council are incredibly pleased with him and his performance exceeds expectations.'

Kvarsten's base salary will now be $132,262.

'Erik does outstanding work, and we believe that his salary should be commensurate with his performance and in line with the current market rate,' said Councilor David Widmark. 'Nonetheless, this salary increase is 10.73 percent under the current market average for his position in cities of proportionate size to Gresham.'

Kvarsten was appointed city manager in 2005. Prior to coming to Gresham, Erik served as Troutdale's administrator for eight years. He has 20 years of city management experience in Oregon and is recognized as a credentialed city manager by the International City/County Management Association.