Here's a snapshot of the race for dollars playing out in local-level politics. A note on form: The data was compiled from information appearing on the Oregon Secretary of State 'Orestar' system as of Thursday, March 20. 'Total contribution' is defined as money contributions and the dollar value of in-kind contributions, such as the dollar value for poster paper or printing costs used for campaign purposes. We attempted to list all financial contributors appearing on Orestar, except for donations less than $100 that had no name attached to them. To access the Orestar system, go to

Columbia County Circuit Court, 19th District, Position 3

Jenefer Stenzel Grant - Grant has financed her effort to retain her seat as one of the three Columbia County Circuit Court judges with her own loan money. Total: $1,500

David Herr - Herr is challenging Grant, who was appointed to

her position as judge following the retirement of Berkeley Smith, for the third position seat in Columbia County Circuit Court. So far, Herr has only filed his statement of candidacy for the position.

Columbia County Commissioner, Pos. 1 - Democrat

Joseph Corsiglia - incumbent Corsiglia has tallied $1,550 in campaign contributions.

Notable contributors

• John Paul, owner of Bing's Chinese Restaurant in Warren. Total contribution: $500

• Agnes Peterson, a local attorney in Deer Island. Total contribution total: $250

• John Peterson, owner-operator of the Tide Creek Rock Quarry. Total contribution: $250.

• Allen Jillsen, a St. Helens individual. Total contribution: $500.

Earl Fisher - Fisher has raked in the most cash contributions of any candidate. To date, he has amassed an election campaign empire, defined in Columbia County terms, valued at $16,210.

Notable contributors

• John Helm, owner of Transwestern Aviation and husband to Sen. Betsy Johnson. Total contribution: $1,500

• State Sen. Betsy Johnson. Total contribution: $1,000

• Westward Energy LLC, a company proposing to build a coal-fired synthetic natural gas plant at Port Westward valued more than $1 billion. Port Westward is located north of Fisher's hometown in Clatskanie. Total contribution: $500

• Northwest Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO/COPE Department. Total contribution: $500

• Tyack Dental Group, a Clatskanie-based business. Total contribution: $200.

• Bar Pilots of the Columbia River, a political committee based out of Astoria. Total contribution: $200.

• George Dunkel, a St. Helens-area man who retired as fire chief for the Columbia River Fire and Rescue. Total contribution: $200

• Don Kielblock, a Deer Island-area individual. Total contribution: $500

• Michael Sheehan, a Scappoose attorney. Total contribution: $100

• Clifford Tetreault, a Port of St. Helens commissioner. Tetreault served with Fisher during Fisher's tenure on the Port of St. Helens when he was appointed to fill a seat vacated by Chris Luttrell. Total contribution: $200

• Keith Forsythe, a steamfitter from Deer Island. Total contribution: $200

• Pamela Powell, who works as the spokesperson for the proposed Columbia River Community Hospital project, and whose husband, Paul Pulliam, served with Fisher on the Port of St. Helens. Total contribution: $200

• Starlight Construction, a Clatskanie-area business. Total contribution: $200

• Columbia Business Consultants, a St. Helens business. Total contribution: $300

• Teevin Bros. Land and Timber, a logging operation with its main office based in Astoria. Total contribution: $2,500

• Jay Tappan. Tappan filed his contribution as an individual living in St. Helens, though he also works as the fire chief for Columbia River Fire and Rescue. Total contribution: $200

• Tualatin Valley Firefighters 1660. This is a labor organization based out of Lake Oswego. According to the election filing, the in-kind contribution was used to purchase posters and buttons. Total contribution: $1,270

• United Food and Commercial Workers Northwest Federal Credit Union, business entity based in Portland. Total contribution: $500

Columbia County Commissioner, Pos. 1 - Republican

Glenn Dorschler - Dorschler, a nursing staff assistant and former long-term mayor of Scappoose who was bested in the November 2006 election by Scott Burge, is now gunning for a Republican bid to run for county commissioner in November. Campaign financing has been slow to kick in, however, and at present Dorschler has registered no finance activity.

Warren Nakkela - no campaign finance data filed. According to Columbia County Elections Division Supervisor Pam Benham, Nakkela indicated that he did not plan to break the $300 threshold during his campaign, and hence would not be required to file campaign finance data.

Columbia County Commissioner, Pos. 3 - Democrat

Patricia Zimmerman - The total in contributions for Pat Zimmerman's campaign is $830, all of which originates from Zimmerman's own election committee.

Commissioner, Pos. 3 - Republican

Tony Hyde - incumbent Hyde has not yet filed campaign finance data with the Oregon Secretary of State's Office.

Columbia County Sheriff

Robert W. Crain - Crain lives in St. Helens and currently works as the county's code enforcement officer. He has not filed any campaign activity with the state as yet.

Jeff Dickerson - Dickerson so far stands out as the financial behemoth in the race to fill retiring Columbia County Sheriff Phil Derby's shoes. He has raised $11,186.77 for his campaign.

Notable contributors

• Andrew Moyer. Moyer, who like Dickerson works for the Oregon State Police at the St. Helens office, is also working as his campaign manager. Total contribution: $300

• Rainier Towing, a business located in Rainier. Total contribution: $150

• Grumpy's Towing, a business located in Scappoose. Total contribution: $200

• Columbia Inspection, Inc., a Portland-based company, works with groups such as the U.S. Customs and local law enforcement to conduct various forms of environmental analysis and minerals testing. Total contribution: $4,000.

• Sea Tow, a Scappoose area business. Total contribution: $200

• Sen. Betsy Johnson. Total contribution: $500

• Scott Parker, who lives in Scappoose and is owner of Scappoose Sand and Gravel. Total contribution: $200

• Scappoose Muffler, a local business. Total contribution: $50

• Diane Dickerson, a St. Helens individual and owner of a petroleum inspection company. Total contribution: $2,000

• Bob's Towing, a Rainier-based business. Total contribution: $250

• Kuiper Lumber Supply. Total contribution: $581.

• Ruby Olmstead, a St. Helens individual. Total contribution: $138

Gerry Simmons - Simmons, who holds the title 'Undersheriff' and is the second most powerful employee in the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, is holding his own in the electoral dash for dollars. Contributions to his campaign total $4,651 at present.

Notable contributors

• Larry Meres, a Scappoose city councilor and deputy in the sheriff's office. Meres also works as Simmons campaign treasurer. Total contribution: $150

• Sen. Betsy Johnson. Total contribution: $500

• Guy Letournea, a man from Warren. Total contribution: $200

• John Woodard, a man from Idaho. Total contribution: $500

• Randy Todd, a Scappoose man. Total contribution: $500

• Debbie Throop, the owner of Shooting Star Lavendar Farm in Clatskanie. Total contribution: $300

• Phillip J. Ross, a dentist who lives in Clatskanie. Total contribution: $1,000

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