I am writing this in response to 'The Buzz on Sports' column by Darrell Jackson in the March 12 edition of The Post. I've been a member of the Sandy community for going on eight years now and have had the opportunity to converse with hundreds of community people throughout my involvement here.

You claim that you have talked to both students and parents and the only feedback you are getting is positive support for the two head coaches who will not be returning next year to SHS. Funny, for the most part, I've heard just the opposite.

Confidentiality laws bar members of the SHS administration from telling you their side of the story.

As a community member who has lent my ear to many a parent and student, there is a lot more behind this story than you are reporting - shame on you!

Community support for SHS football dwindled down to a trickle by the end of this season, and as a Booster community member roving this district asking 'Why?' the answers I consistently received were lack of interest to support Coach Quinsey and the way he was running the program, as well as the fact that it's hard to come out on rainy Friday nights to watch students cry after losing, week after week. I know there are other reasons as well, but I don't want to put any community members on the spot.

Another thing, students often don't believe they could ever be good enough to even try out for a team sport. If they don't try, they will be right. In many instances, it takes encouragement from adults, such as coaches, for students to step out of their comfort zone and try. This is just one of the added benefits of having your coaches working as teachers or staff in the same school where they are coaching. Does this mean coaches need to strong-arm students into playing a sport? Come on!

As far as Coach Meyers goes, he resigned last year from being the head girls volleyball coach, supposedly to give him more time to focus on the boys basketball program. This was on the heels of several disgruntled and unhappy volleyball parents and players.

So onto last year's boys basketball season, with the exodus of so many varsity players mid-season… Whether you agree with what the players did or not (with parental support, I might add), it was a gigantic red flag that there were some serious issues going on. Teachers go on strike in this district and the TV news crews come along with the governor, teachers get a raise. Students go on strike or take a stand because they feel like they are not being heard, and what happens? The coach keeps his job for another year, gets his tenure, then resigns from coaching but keeps his teaching position, and Mr. Jackson is going to pin the responsibility for this on a supposed certain few involved parents, supporters and the 'new' SHS administration?

How many of our current teachers/staff members at SHS are coaching at other schools? How many teachers in the past 25 years have gotten hired to be a teacher/coach and then quit coaching after getting their tenure? Hmm…

Susan Leininger is a Sandy resident.

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